Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

The love for God
The path to mystical unification

58. Exercise

Your thoughts are silent. In this silence, I JESUS CHRIST speak My WORD of love, salvation, and instruction. I am omnipresent in life and through life in all being, therefore also in every one of your brothers and sisters. If you see Me within your brothers or sisters, in all perfection and unity with the FATHER, you will see through all the external parts of your brothers or sisters, and you will recognize the effective power that is always present and that thereby helps you cope with your worries as well.

I understand the worry a mother has for her child. Did not My earthly mother cry bitterly–there on Golgotha? Did I not give her John to console her? So sometimes, dear brothers and sisters, you look at the paths of your loved-ones and cannot understand why fate plays its role in such ways upon the worldly stage, as it was shared [in a previous conversation of the group]. You still identify much too much with the events in time and space, and by this you do not recognize the deeper meaning of the individual paths of your brothers and sisters.

Just as My mother did not yet understand the work of redemption as she stood under the cross, it is the same with you. Still, I ask you, My beloved, whenever you glance at the fate of your fellow-brothers and -sisters, try to recognize that which is full of light and only that.

I have given you many examples in the past:

About the eternally holy FATHER’S child who decided, in her perfect state of being, to enter the earthly sphere in order to help with the work of redemption and who, once she entered into the sphere of the fall, raised herself haughtily over all those who subordinated themselves completely to the fall. She began to judge and condemn, as you know. And when this life’s path had ended, she recognized her wrong-doing and voluntarily took on addictions and illnesses in order to accomplish a path of humility on this earth.

Only by this kind of humility, to be kicked by all other fellow-brothers and -sisters and to bow under the kicks, the soul opened up in herself the ability to love all human beings on this earthly plane. For by going through the weaknesses, through erroneous behavior the understanding, for those who have the same negative characteristics, grows.

How quickly the human being raises himself over his neighbor and falls into the Pharisee mode, saying: “Oh, God, how I thank you that I am not like that one.” Examine your thoughts whether or not, by any chance, such haughtiness creeps up in you as well.

You who are preparing yourselves on the spiritual path to achieve the highest initiation– oneness with Me–are especially in danger of taking the worst fall, yes even having to suffer it.

Recognize that as messengers of light you have to strive especially hard to be humble and n e v e r to raise yourselves over any fellow-man! I have to repeat My words time and again, since man too easily misses what is being said, or what he reads in the written WORD, and only by frequent repetition this warning is burnt deeply into the human being and his soul: My child, recognize that you are living in the fall region where haughtiness rules and temptation follows you every step!

I teach you to work together in love with the forces of this earth. Why do I lead you into meditation, during which you recognize that you have to become one with fire, water, air, and earth, the elements of which your bodies are made? Only by this unity and in connection with the highest spiritual love will you be able to save many in the coming times, even in the material sphere; for water will carry you, and you will save the drowning people. Fires will not burn you, and you will save those who are burning. The Earth will retreat from you and will release those that were buried. And the forces of nature will not harm you as they lash out all around you, letting trees and houses collapse; for you are walking through it all with the authority of a Son, a Daughter of the FATHER in order to help wherever it is possible.

Your help will be on the material and on the soul level. On the soul-level as well, you will extend your hand to a drowning person who seems buried and without hope. And you will give them back their hope and faith. You will give and be consolation for the oppressed, who have lost everything taken by the forces of nature. However, do not ask when all this will happen; whether in this life or in the next, the FATHER alone knows; and only by His mercy, He determines the time of the great transformation of all physical being into the next higher level.

Yet, even now you are actively engaged with the transformation, as I have told you several times already. This transformation reaches beyond your personal self and helps transform your fellow-brothers and -sisters, which are your parents, your children, relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

However, know this: Love sent forth in full measure enters into the soul of your vis a vis and can come in contact with aggressions stemming not only from this incarnation but also from all former incarnations, causing the aggressions to be catapulted upward from the deepest levels of the soul. Here too the law is active, which says that love transforms! However, it may be that explosive disputes are in order first. Your human being will despair, because you believe that in spite of the love you sent forth, it caused negativity. However, I say unto you that after this time of violent eruptions, there will be a cleansing, for in these eruptions the soul frees itself.

Why do you think it is written in the scriptures: “There comes a time when the children are against the parents, the parents against the children, brother against brother, sister against sister?” Now, My beloved, you are working on your son- and daughter-ship, in order to be effective as a true Son, a true Daughter of the eternally holy FATHER on this earth and in these times, without asking how this effect will show itself on the external level. Let that remain the FATHER’S worry! Be love! Be peace! Be strength! Be a blessing for this world! Place everything into the hands of the divine Will, and let the FATHER rule, in unity with Me!

As of now, you are still in the time of violent eruptions. Especially these times require faith in GOD. By this faith, that everything is good the way it is, even if for your human being life seems confusing, the Son, the Daughter of the heavenly FATHER rises here on earth in the radiating light of his or her God-given authority in order to be effective, from here on, in and out of that authority.

Today, you have expressed a wish in this circle, that is, how wonderful it must be, oh LORD, always to live in Your omnipresence! Let this no longer remain merely a wish, but enter into this life!

May he or she who no longer remembers the exercise of the beginning schooling recall when I asked you to receive Me symbolically as your guest at home. You were supposed to imagine yourselves into My omnipresence. I ask you once again to become mindful of it! You have forgotten many a thing. The human being tends to pass over the spoken word too quickly, and even the word you read grows dim, as I have said.

However, now is the time for you to remember My presence in every one of your fellow-brothers and -sisters, but also in all that lives, since I am the life, the love. Remember that you go through your days consciously; that you no longer live the life of the human being of this earth; but enter more and more into the consciousness of your soul; that you no longer identify with the human being but with the Higher Self in you, which is effective by way of your soul! The Higher Self, this is what I taught you, is one with GOD, is one with Me, for in the SPIRIT there is no separation.

At the moment when you change your point of vision, from that of a human being to that of your actual being of the Son or Daughter, you will recognize in your darkness the light of wisdom and guidance. No child of the FATHER goes its paths all-forsaken. What did I say? Every one rests in the heart of the FATHER, and it is only the consciousness that removes itself from the FATHER. This consciousness has the power to consolidate itself to the point of hard matter. Moreover, it is present on all other levels as well–beyond time and space.

Even if you do not understand this right now, you will become used to this thought in the coming time, due to your scientific explorations. Verily, you are at the beginning of a new era, which can be compared to the past hundred years, the era of industry. But the progress which is before you now is much greater and more glorious.

Rejoice, and do not let the message that this earth must be changed frighten you! Do not think about it on the human level! Every human child hurt during the transformation goes through suffering, while suffering purifies the soul. You are acting as co-saviors helping to save them rather than being condemned to idleness. Is it not wonderful to be actively involved in a helping capacity, so that there can be a new heaven and a new earth? In addition, you are able to spiritually intervene in the suffering of your brothers and sisters by seeing them in the light of perfection, which they are in their inner being.

Therefore, I ask you to work increasingly on yourselves and to deepen your meditations!

You spoke about the difficulties in being still in your thoughts. Thought-stillness can be attained only by practice. If you are still in your day-consciousness, all thoughts, yours and those of your neighbors, can press in on you. So, before you go into the stillness raise your thoughts to Me, ask for My protection and for the blessing for this meditation, and I will spread out My protection like a cloak about you and accompany you to deeper levels of your being.

The opening of these deeper levels has to happen and still takes relatively long. However, the more you practice, the less time it will take in order for your consciousness to reach into the deeper and thereby to spiritual levels–straight from the day-consciousness and from one moment to the next–in order to work consciously beyond space and time.

In a matter of seconds, you can experience an event as if it were a vision, in which you are actively helping someone somewhere on this earth or even on the next higher spheres of being. On the physical level, only a few moments have passed by during which you were absent, and joy fills you because you are able to work powerfully, anywhere and everywhere.

I will also answer the question about your not being omnipresent, after all. I will disregard the natural scientists for the moment and explain it to you in words that can be easily understood in this circle and everywhere. I spoke of the fact that thoughts are immense powers.

Here in the earthly level, you cannot see this thought-power–not yet–but it is effective. I also told you that it is creative power. By virtue of this power you can, for example, span the entire earth in one moment. Wherever you hear a cry for help you can come to someone’s aid beyond time and space. For beyond time and space help is possible in that moment at a million places. One ray of love can split up and can even, as I have taught you, take on the form of a living being in order to give consolation to someone who suffers.

I remind you of the revelation you received when you prayed for a brother who was the father of one of the brothers or sisters. I explained to you that at the moment of this prayer, a light-being was created, which stepped up to the bed of the suffering person. This light-being then consoled him while helping him set his sights upon the spiritual spheres. When your prayer-thoughts are finished, this thought-energy, which had materialized into a being, will dissolve once again and return to you.

You are not conscious of the mighty powers given to a Son or Daughter of the FATHER, as his or her heritage.

So I want to remind you of these thought-powers once more, for they truly create forces, called ‘elementals,’ which act independently yet in accordance with their creators. The more deeply you enter into your filiation [the Son-ship or Daughter-ship], the more powerful are your thought-creatures. That is why it is necessary to practice thought control.

Try to have as many light-filled thoughts as possible, as I have told you in the past. They take their course, linking up with thoughts of similar nature and then return to you. A mighty thought-form of light–blessed in addition by the FATHER–will then stream into you and bring you joy and increased energy for your spiritual work.

The same happens with a negative thought, with discouragement and doubt. This thought-form too, or elemental, as we call it, will take its course, linking up with similar things before it returns to you. Everything returns to its source, and since you are co-creators, your creations will return to you and will–in this case–fortify your own negativity.

Now you ask: “Why do they return fortified?” This too is to be understood as part of the law-abiding fullness of the eternally holy FATHER. GOD is the fullness and by virtue of this fullness and creative power, HE gives Himself to you. The creative power connects with all energies of equal quality, due to the law of fullness, of which GOD lets His children partake. Since the FATHER has given you free will, you are also included in this fullness. Your creations do not only multiply but also become potentially stronger, so that you can partake of the fullness.

When you send forth light-filled creations in the will and spirit of the FATHER, the fullness returning to you becomes light, joy, and increased power to create and draw from for the glory and praise of the holy GODHEAD. If your creations are of the negative kind, they are based upon your free will, yet are still of the fullness, causing the opposite: more shadows in the kingdom of shadows, at the same time serving you for your own recognition.

Recognize the gravity in My words and the earnestness of My plea to you to strive, increasingly now, for light-filled things and to finally enter into the ray of light from the PRIMORDIAL LIGHT. Enter into the ray from the sun of the FATHER and remain in this ray.

Do not identify with the end-point of the ray. Instead, turn around and look into the light, into the sun, into the fullness and become conscious that you are children of the MOST HIGH!

Then the meditation will no longer seem hard for you, as you will have [accomplished] thought-stillness. Light you had sent forth will return to you. As soon as you withdraw, perhaps, you would like to light a candle to help you concentrate, the waves of the sent forth light will come toward you, will envelop you. And you will take this light along into the deeper levels of your beings, opening yourselves willingly to the meditation, again and again. Thus you will learn how to rise up from your former crawling speed upon this earthly level and to walk with swift steps across all universes. The following is the deeper meaning of meditation, through which I will guide you: to awaken to your spirituality, to one-ness with Me, with GOD in you.

I will guide you now into a brief meditation, since the evening has already progressed. Once again, do not get stuck on the words but give yourselves over to Me totally and if you are alone, your own words of meditation from deep within will stream from you and will guide you into the depth. It is I Who is guiding you, not a person outside of yourselves. It is the beginning of the INNER WORD, having its well in every single one of you and wanting to become a roaring river.

The meditation here is only an example and is meant to teach the community at large.

Become still within yourselves and feel in tune with love, peace, blessing, and light. [These are] words you have sent forth many times already that are now coming back to you as blessing. You are open for these waves of light and are receiving them within yourselves. They stream through your human being via the back of your head, via your crown, which is the center of Mercy, to Love, the center between the eyes, to Patience [vicinity of throat], to the heart center, the divine Justice, to Wisdom, then to the center of divine Will, and to divine Order.

Light is flooding your human being... light in every cell of your body... light in all organs, in all tracts...light, life, salvation, power... and since you are born of love, as Son or Daughter of the eternally holy FATHER, you do not keep this fullness of love-power for yourself, but it streams through your hands. You sense the warmth in the palms of your hands, and spiritually you bless [others] with this light anew, with this power.

Love continues its flow as a warm stream down your legs, and you feel a strong pulsing in the soles of your feet. Now I appeal to the power of imagination: Just like with roots of a mighty huge tree, beams of light enter deeply into Mother Earth from your feet. They penetrate the upper levels of the earth’s shell, all the way to the waters in the innermost earth: Love, power, light, and blessing stream into every drop of subterraneous water. You are one with the stream of the ground water. You are one with the stream of the subterraneous water, one with the divine Will, symbolized in these waters, and somewhere these waters come to the earth’s surface and everywhere, the blessed drops flow about the entire earth; upon it and in it flow blessing and light...

The rays of love go deeper yet. They penetrate hard rock formations, and heat connects with the fire from the heavens, with the heat of hot earthly streams, with magma. Fire pulsates in the center of the earth. Fire is also within you powerfully, and this fire burns as warmth of your life in every cell of your body. Breathe the purifying fire of divine Order, as your Mother Earth vibrates in this level of Order!

The soles of your feet are hot. Heat comes through your foot and you feel its warmth even at your instep... This warmth rises above your ankle bones, to your knees, to your pelvis. Again you are sensing the warmth from the cosmic love-fire in your hands, and the center of divine Order rotates in clock fashion in a bright and fiery, powerful glow.

I ask you, in the coming time, to remain in this center for a while, so that you can become conscious of the fire of love and life!

Now, let this fiery power stream up your spine via the center of divine Will! You sense the gentle rotation–via the center of Wisdom–and here too you sense the touch of the divine fire. ---Heaven and Earth are united in the center of Justice.--- Patiently you devote yourselves to the exercises in order to mature into the Son, the Daughter of the eternally holy FATHER, while you are here in the earthly garment. – Love gives you wings in your striving–and the FATHER’S Mercy gives you the power to contend with yourselves time and again. Already, you are sensing the jubilation rising within you: “FATHER, eternally holy FATHER, my glance is fixed homeward and no longer on the depth of the darkness but on Your light. I am of You. Thank You, oh FATHER! I Your child bow before You in deep humility. Oh eternally holy BEING that is also my being, I adore You.”

At these prayer-thoughts your physical being is once again becoming conscious to you. You are consciously ending your meditation by noticing your vital forces in your hands and in your feet as you move them. I JESUS CHRIST am this inner power in you. Be always open for it, for the human being has his free will to open himself for this power or to block it! The time has come to raise your consciousness beyond the humanness and to raise it to soul-consciousness, so that it can unify itself with the Higher Self, with the Son, the Daughter of the FATHER. My protection, My blessing is with all of you.


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