Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

The love for God
The path to mystical unification

52. Exercise

My friends, I, JESUS CHRIST, greet you. Within every single one of you, I am the living power of life, salvation for the human being as well as for the soul. I come toward you and address you–not only in this circle–but always and at all your pathways.

Never are you alone except that My WORD sometimes fades away in the hustle and bustle of time and space. It is the human being who does not hear. It is the human being who will not hear Me within himself. Not one request remains unfulfilled, but know that often its fulfillment is different from what the human being has imagined.

Even before you have thought through your petition, spiritual forces are already set in motion to help you as it is best for your soul and its ascension to the light, beyond all polarization.

Look back to the former path! Here and there recognition sparks up in you: “It had to happen the way it did at that time, and today I see everything with different eyes because I know that this experience was instrumental in bringing me to my present course, to my path.” However, when you passed through this former dark period, you were in despair. Then too you cried out for help and now, looking back, you realize that you received help, albeit in a different form than you expected.

Your task in this period of grace is to find your center, your rest from the back and forth of extremes. Yet, whenever you think with the mind of your human being that: “This is how it must be meant!” you are giving yourselves a certain direction by that very thought process, and that direction must be followed–again, by the human being–until you recognize: “My thinking was in error.”

You might say then, what is the reason we have our mind? Always, we are challenged to make decisions, never knowing if they are right or wrong. My answer to you is as follows: It does not matter whether the decisions are right or wrong. Seen from the SPIRIT’S view they are always right, as your path leads you by way of this earthly sphere. The only important thing is your inner attitude.

If you are ready to align with Me, the life, the light, the love, time and again in your sensations, thoughts, words, and deeds, then you will walk with sure steps through this life. And you will walk it with light and with love. No matter how you decide, don’t use your mind to ponder the hows and whys, but use it to make clear decisions in My SPIRIT, and make sure that they are born from the here and now, from the present.

Recognize that thinking that deals with your future hinders you! The human being is used to plan everything in advance. How goes the saying, however: “Man’s mind leads his way, and God guides his steps!” If you concentrate on this ‘God guides his steps,’ you will be resting in the present and your thoughts will return from the future, immediately, in order to work through your mind in the here and now.

Thoughts are forces of immense power. Here in the world of matter you cannot see these forces. However, I say unto you, once you have discarded the earthly garment, you will see how every thought immediately tries to actualize itself. Thoughts are ‘energies of production,’ with which you operate, and these production energies want to be used by you now, spiritually, in these works of love by using your mind.

Up until now, your thoughts–be they positive or negative–had created forms, and had sought out thoughts of like quality, had bound themselves with them in order to return to you with increased strength. And you, again, receiving these thought patterns, strengthened them with more such thoughts of similar quality. These same forms increased, becoming independent in their shape and form, and were thus activated by the power which you gave to these thought-forms.

My beloved, the time has now come for you to learn to properly use these energies; to learn how to recognize your own creations and, if necessary, to dissolve them by opposing them with loving thoughts of power. Doing this you will no longer be thrown back and forth in this constant struggle for balance and can thus enter into the light and use your mighty production-energies for transforming matter into higher vibration, and to spiritualize matter.

In the last analysis, all the paths you have traveled thus far have finally led to the one goal: Your inheritance, the Son- and Daughter-ship with GOD. I guide you on your path individually, each of you taking a different one. You may have been lead here in this community, albeit this community is only meant for you as support. Each of you has to walk the path alone. Once he or she has placed his hand into Mine, he or she walks in the light, in love, in the life.

If he does not place his hand in Mine, he still walks in the light, in love, in the life, except he is not aware of it. Understand this subtle difference, as you have entered into this consciousness [of awareness]. Your brothers and sisters, here and there, are also going their paths home to the FATHER at My hand, only they are not conscious of it.

Based upon this consciousness, you are now called to receive your heritage and work with the forces of the universe, with the powers of production, the creative powers. As you know, these creative forces are love.

You spoke about rituals. Behold the universe, observe the cosmos! Does not everything move in accordance with a certain order? Now go into the microcosm. Is movement not also prescribed there, a certain orderly sequence? Only by this were your predictions possible, that a certain substance would react such and such. Just as Earth orbits the sun, you seemingly turn away from the light and then back to the light. Yet, your true being has never left this light.

If you now take this talked-about ritual of meeting in community to pray and sing together, to light a candle in the center of the room and translate it with the repeated orbits about an imaginary center, GOD, Who is all things in you and at the same time outside of you, you will understand the symbolism.

Why was there dancing in the original or primal religions? Recognize that there too mistakes were made, that is, to think one needed a center–I am hereby thinking of the golden calf–instead of seeing GOD, the Light, the Love, the Life, the Power as the center, and to recognize that all things orbit about and in HIM.

Man created images for himself, be it the golden calf or in the present time the mammon about which he orbits. However, you who have awakened to this consciousness recognize in all things the movement of light and in this light, at the same time, the dissolution of all your laws concerning earthly matter; for they are meant only for the events of this time and space. On other levels they are no longer valid.

By virtue of your mind, you now have the capacity to assimilate the vibration of more highly transformed levels. You are capable of actively participating in the transformation, and this transformation begins with you first.

I guide you through your thought-powers. I show you creations, which you have called into being and are still doing so, to which you are bound for as long as you do not loosen this bondage, My beloved.

Now I return to the beginning: To loosen means to dissolve the thought-forms insofar as you are no longer subject to them. Instead, by virtue of your heritage, work with these thought-forms as if they are beings that are standing beside you wanting to help you.

Let Me give you an example: This thought was born, ‘this father is very ill, he needs help.’ This thought about him needing help was brought here into your midst. You all fortified this thought of help–which you subsequently expressed by your willingness to help.

In love, you thought of the human being that was struggling in the in-between spheres, and you created a being of light, which helped the suffering one and which descended upon him as blessing light in quiet calmness, in relaxed fashion and with a feeling of consolation, just as soon as you had this helpful thought. It was moved into action by the word of your sister. Subsequently, the veil separating this side of life from the beyond was pulled away, by virtue of your thoughts, and the suffering human being was able to see into the land of the beyond. He saw his future home. He saw that death does not exist but that consciousness merely moves forward into the land, which he had created for himself even while the human being was still living upon the Earth.

It is the land of your thought-powers. It is a so-called in-between kingdom, a paradisiacal kingdom meant for those who actualized love in sensations, thoughts, and words. It is the land of love, of consolation, where I JESUS CHRIST greet the new arrivals with My light.

You are all familiar with this land, for it is where your creations are. As of yet you are not conscious of them. However, do awaken to consciousness in this area as well; I am guiding you! Recognize in the ritual the coming into the vibration of power that is your heritage, the act of assimilating the vibration in GOD. No matter how the ritual might be executed, see in it only the example, that the doors must first be unlocked and opened before you can enter the room. Therefore, you need first to come into vibration, either by a song or a prayer, entering thus into your inner temple, into your inner sanctum.

By and by you will learn to lock up all outer senses, to awaken the inner senses and thereby to enter into the world of the SPIRIT.

So, let me guide you in meditation once again. However, recognize in this too a certain ritual, which does not have to be absolved in the exact manner as it is given today. However, every one is going the path individually, so shall he also meditate individually. The meditations given here are meant to be a help in the beginning, for your better understanding, they are meant only for the human being. Everyone goes the path at My hand.

You are quiet within you. Here and there thoughts roam about–send away the beings you have created! Calmness enters your brain cells, as your soul has its powerful effect upon your center of Mercy, via its seat at the back of your head.

Soul, you are hearing Me, come! You are seeing My light as well, come! You are grasping Me in My power, come! Withdraw from your human form! Right now, you are still irradiating with your life the centers of Mercy, Love, Patience, Justice, Wisdom, Will, and Order, as well as all organs which are connected with these centers. Yes, life pulsates into the very tips of your toes.

Now withdraw your power! Just as you immersed your power in the human body the first time, when it was to become your homestead for this incarnation, in the same way you are able to withdraw these forces once again, not only at night but also during your human being’s full consciousness: From the feet, from the calves, the knees, the thighs, from Order, Will, Wisdom, Justice, from Patience, Love, and Mercy. Now the life, the I Am, pulsates at the back of your head.

Come soul, leave the human garment! Come, extend your hand to Me! You are free. You are able to discard the garment, for it is important that the human being learns to disconnect his consciousness from this human garment and to place it inside of you, you who are the true child of the FATHER, the Son, the Daughter within.

Do you see the light? Come, My beloved and release yourself. Now soar up with Me! You are free! Look at the human being that serves you as garment. Yes, you feel thankfulness that he serves you, that the human being will bear the suffering that you are determining for him, so that the human being learns to penetrate the darkness and find the light. Now the consciousness is released and rests in you. You see the blackness of the night, yet it is light, for My light shines; and you see in this light that all pain in this temporal being is but transformation from darkness to light.

Just as the seed lies in the dark earth, being warmed by the life, by the light and needing time in order to break through the earth to greet the light, in the same way man, too, needs this time for development.

Now you behold not only this earthly life, but you see within yourself the different courses of life you took and you recognize, here and there, why you placed the burden of pain upon the human being. You also recognize the changes of time and are looking beyond the times into My light of eternity. – In this light, you rise freely and unshackled beyond matter. You see, therefore, the stars of this earth as they orbit within you. You expand your being from the envelopment of your soul, into a human garment, to the widths and breadths of all creation, all the way to the width of GOD.

Still trembling from the power of infinity, you learn to move in this light by and by and to place this light into the human being as well, so that he might serve you–in this light–every second of his being.

Right now you are outside of matter in spiritual spheres. You behold the creation of your human being. You see dark thought-waves coming toward you. But you also see the light, the love as blessing power in thought-form. Both forces are opposing each other. You are light, oh soul, and this light shines in your own darkness, through which you wanted to pass in order to explore it, and also in order to help these forces to release themselves in GOD, Who is beyond good and bad. HE is, and you, oh soul are, as I am!

Recognize that light and darkness have their origin in free will. Come and be! Bring this consciousness back into the human being! Radiate it into your human garment so that the human being understands that he, too, is, in the here and now, and in this Is he releases himself, all negativity releases itself. This is the truth.

Now you are once again one with your human garment. You let your vital power flow in once again. Blood flows rhythmically through the veins and vivifies every single cell of the physical garment, and the power of the I AM THAT I AM streams into every single cell. With every breath the human being is conscious of this power, for now he experiences the moment, yes lives through it.

Oh man, see the light at the top of your head. You feel the pulsating vibration in the center of Mercy upon your crown. You sense the power of radiation in the center of love, which transforms everything in your inner being.

However, be patient, oh man, everything takes time to grow! Remain steadfast on the path of the golden middle. Remain in the moment, in the I AM THAT I AM! Neither one nor the other: I AM. GOD’S Wisdom opens within you, oh man, in a fullness that you cannot fathom. The divine power from the creation energies, your power, is once again at your disposal, and you are moving in the ritual of Order, in the I AM, neither motion nor idleness. Recognize GOD in this paradox!

In this stillness is eternity, is GOD, is being. Take this inner stillness and bring it along, wherever your paths may take you, and remain in the I AM THAT I AM, and you live in eternity, in the moment, and powerful are your steps through time and space.


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