Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

Love for creation
Creation as a mirror for self-recognition

9. Exercise

I, JESUS CHRIST, have lead you to this small area in the forest. Moss is at your feet, fruit-bearing branches are in bloom; trees are surrounding you whose branches bow to a community of loving children of God, and I am amongst you.

Has not a wonderful sunny day gone by? Did not also a ray of JESUS CHRIST, the eternal sun shine into your very heart? A mantel of love is placed about you, and in spite of the coolness of the evening, warmth flows through you. The warmth of love is pulsing through your veins.

Even if the human being has ever so many questions, not understanding this or that, the soul knows about the spiritual correlation. I, your friend and brother, explain to your human being the correlation, so that he or she can enter into the vibration of love, which the soul already bears.

I said “Creation is unity,” and “One serves the other.” And so you are sitting on the soft mossy cushion, or you are leaning against a tree. The vibrations of the plants around you are inclined toward you in love. Once upon a time you had gone through this [plant] development in the eternal home. You had perfected yourselves and were blessed with the blessing of the Eternal Father to His child. The plants, which surround you, are feeling this, My beloved.

Picture it in this way: creation is thirsting for love, which can hardly be felt any more on this earth, least of all in the plant kingdom. No prayer of thanks is reaching the plants any more, even though they are giving themselves to you as they grow their fruits. No ray of love is coming to them, and so their longing for love has grown immensely. It is the longing to develop further.

I have shared with you things of the eternal home. For instance I have told you that the pure spirit beings that pass through creation help the minerals, plants, and animals, to perfect themselves in the basic vibrations of the natures of GOD, by irradiating these creations with love.

This would also be your task here on earth: The plant, even the moss at your feet, bears this basic vibration of love inherent in the eternal being. And now it is seeking this same vibration in you, the child of God. That is why the plant is inclined toward you and awaits the stream of love-connection, which the child of God always radiates in the pure worlds.

There are only few here on this earth who bow in love before the smallest and lowest aspect of creation, be it a blade of grass, be it the moss, be it the plants or herbs. The plant wants to give itself to the child of God, because it bears inherently this primordial sensation: by giving I will develop steadily toward the one goal, which is to become the group soul and then the pure child of God.


Love radiates from God through His children into creation, and from creation love radiates back to the children, who bow before God in deep gratitude; and by this they are giving back the love. Here on earth, his cycle has been disrupted, and you, My students, shall complete the cycle once again. Your love for the plants should be equal, no matter whether they are weeds in your garden or whether they give themselves to you in the form of fruits.

Love has no limits and includes the plant kingdom. Even if the rose thrills your heart with its sweet fragrance and beauty, still the seemingly insignificant herb at the wayside serves you with the same kind of love. For everything that bows before the child of God bows thereby to its creator. The reason is that there is, within every child of God, a spark of the eternal CREATOR-SPIRIT, for by His blessing, My beloved, a part of His own SELF is placed into the child by God, the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT.

And this light is destined to be ignited as a fire of love, even in the purely spiritual spheres, where the child of God is serving in love. At the moment when the child is fully developed and receives GOD’S [blessing for this event], the child receives – in addition – his or her free will and the opportunity to test his will, that is, either to serve or to oppress.

Once the children, who have taken the path through the test of the free will, have returned to GOD, there will never again be such a fall; for since there is no separation of consciousness in the pure worlds, the experience of the darkness is stored and can be recalled – in every nuance – for the children of GOD. The fallen brothers and sisters have, therefore, gone the way ahead for those who still wish to test their free will. And they have clearly shown them where such a trial path of domination and oppression will lead.

That is why I say unto you repeatedly: Do not judge and condemn so that you may not be judged and condemned. Be thankful for the path by way of Earth, and be thankful to all those who are taking the trial path of the free will through the darkest of spheres. As you unconsciously absorb the effect of their experiences, they serve you as example.

[Let us] return now to the plant kingdom: Your love for the plants vibrates in different ways within you. However, the plants have sought out the human being. Yes, within them, they can feel or sense what kind of nourishment or healing the human being needs. For instance, the human being who has a love-connection to the plant region receives the seeds of the healing plant by virtue of the wind. The wind blows the seeds into his garden, so that he no longer needs to pick the plant, as before. Instead, he needs only to thankfully absorb its healing streams and to bow humbly and bless the plant in the name of the CREATOR SPIRIT, the LOVE.

When you look around in your gardens or walk through nature and are attracted by a specific plant, listen within, and you will know what the plant wants to give you, whatever it was that it sensed that you needed and what it wanted to give you in serving love, even before you looked at the plant.

Here is an example: You are walking through a park, and your eyes behold a bush of tea roses. It stands before you in full bloom. Even though there are other bushes in bloom as well, it was this one’s blossoms, which have made your heart glad. And in your inner being you are feeling touched by the way the delicate blossoms are surrounding the stamen. You are not aware that the plant is pouring out its love to you and that it is healing you at the same time, because you are getting over a shock you received in an accident; or because you are burdened by fears, for which you have no explanation. It is only one example among a thousand possibilities.

Every plant that appears in clusters in your area, which you notice time and again, wants to tell you something. It wants to help you and point to something for you.

Let me give you a simpler example: Right now, the dandelions are blooming everywhere in your meadows. One person will notice the yellow blossom, will enjoy seeing the bright yellow petals of this plant. Another person will see the plant as a weed.

This plant symbolizes the light, the sun. When a positively inclined person comes near such a plant, there will be an exchange of healing energies, because the plant, the dandelion, is storing the sun energies in order to pass them on in love to the sun-starved children of God, after a long winter without much sunlight. The plant wants to express to you something similar to: Let there be light within every cell of your body, light within your soul!

Another person might see the same plant as a burdensome weed and tears it out of the ground unlovingly. If this person were to watch his own thoughts and how he interacts, not only with this plant but also with his fellow-man, he would recognize that he is crushing his own light underfoot more and more.

Such an individual transposes the light to aggression, the light, the love of the FATHER, which is presently irradiating all human children in an increased measure, by way of the Primordial Central Sun. He poses aggression toward all that is light and bright in his own environment. This is why he is angry at the plant, which has the audacity to radiate the sunlight toward him. In both examples, which are on opposite ends of each other, you can see the wide range of light and darkness.

I have showed you that creation wants to serve you in all things, the body as well as the soul. The plants help the soul, with micro-fine substances, to purify itself and to place the burden [the shadows] upon the body. Other plants again help the body to bear the burden, and to heal itself. Yet other plants give themselves to you by their healthy nourishment. Even though the human being poisons his environment and thereby injures the plant world, the latter still serves the child of God out of deep love.

Therefore, My beloved, recognize the following: Every plant has the right to existence. Even if you have to remove them from your gardens here and there, consider wisely what they are trying to tell you, so that you may recognize yourselves in the situation, and I will help you so that you will change your attitudes by virtue of your recognition.

The nourishment on the New Earth, my beloved students, will only consist of what the trees and hedges will freely give you. Creation upon the spiritualized earth will no longer be as coarsely material as it is now, and you will be changed through the love-radiation and through your efforts to do so, and you will know by what and how the fruits of the plants can help and serve you.

As long as you are still walking this earth in your heavy material garments and cannot yet distinguish, because you are not yet trained, you can ask Me to help you in all your actions. I will place the appropriate sensations into your heart, so that you will deal with the plant world in the right way.

For verily I say unto you, the world of plants is also a world of sensations, just like the heavenly language is one of sensations. It is the same for one plant to another, the language of sensation. When only love flows from you to a plant, you cannot hurt it. However, if you have mixed feelings, such as: “I don’t want you plant around. You are bothering the order in my garden,” I admonish you: “Man, recognize yourself,and examine yourself as to what it is you are lacking! Then and only then, take the plant out of your garden and try to be with Me and with My power in the love-vibration!”

For the coming weeks, beloved students, I will walk with you through the plant kingdom, and if it is your will, may every one of you pick out a specific tree.

Know that every tree bears much energy and that every tree is willing to give you this energy, while it, on the other hand, longs for love, just as you long for love. So, pick your tree! It doesn’t matter whether it is in your garden or somewhere in nature. Give to it your love, and bless it in the name of the FATHER and try to build up a connection with this tree!

Just as you dealt with your little friend, the stone, you should build up a deep and fervent feeling for this tree. And just as you may have already felt the streaming of love for your stone, even if it was merely a piece of cement, made of human hand, you should, by and by, create a relationship to your big friend in nature, the tree!

Place your hand upon its skin, the bark! You too are covered by skin, which protects you. In you too flows the river of life, just as it does in the tree. You too are, symbolically speaking, with your feet rooted with the earth, while you are standing erect, walking with raised head toward heaven. The tree too stretches toward the light of the sun and spreads out its needles or leaves so to catch as much sunlight as possible in order to transmute it for you as a present.

You too should make room for your soul, which can be likened to the tree inasmuch as the soul is your crown. You can do this by opening yourselves up, by which then the soul spreads out over and around your head, just like a blossom, yes like the branches and twigs of a tree, in order to receive the highest of energy, the love of GOD.

As of now, your soul is still in your body, for the most part. As long as man is still human and fights the soul with his intellect, for so long it cannot raise itself over the human being. However, as soon as man returns to his heart-sensation and allows it to stream in and through love, the soul can spread out over and above the human being, above your head.

May this be your task: Walk through creation consciously, perceive the plants about you consciously. Receive them within yourselves and return time and again to your friend, the tree, in order to train your sensations! I will lead you in this as well and will also show you your friend. It is now for you the tree by which you can watch your own growth and flourishing.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I bless you in this small circle, every one of you, even the ones who could not be here today. I bless those who are walking the path with me near and far, as I will lead them all home into eternity and away from time and space.

And so feel My hand upon your head now. Feel spiritually the opening, so that your soul may raise itself and let your sensibilities stream upward toward heaven, which is and remains irradiated by the eternal sun of the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT! My blessing streams.




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