Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

The love for God
The path to mystical unification

70. Exercise

My friends, I JESUS CHRIST bless you in this community and [I bless] all those who feel addressed in this sanctified hour for the dedication of your commission.

Some time ago I brought you upon a hill to a resting place. There, I symbolically offered you wine and bread. Today as well, let us walk mentally to this hill, for it has a profound meaning. From on high, very near your goal, you behold the valley deep. You see all your brothers and sisters who are still struggling to climb the steep inclines leading to the path.

Your gaze scans the land. You behold a ruined creation, hear within you the animals lamenting, and you know about your mission, which rests in your inner being. Even though your longing to climb the mountain and to conquer its summit in order to be home once again is great, you are aware that home, acquired through your self-will and without care for your brothers and sisters, will bring no happiness. The suffering caused by the earthly events would still reverberate in you much too painfully.

Now you are gathered around Me. In your hands you are carrying the spiritual sword of the DIVINE Will, which I have given to you. It is the sword that has made you GOD’S warrior, and it was given to you with My warning to use it always with humble love; for then you are vibrating in harmony with the DIVINE Will, even though you could also choose to raise the sword in order to attain power, for all power, the FATHER’S inheritance, lies within you. Thus, as you continue on your way through space and time, My warning will echo in you when spiritual gifts awaken in you and when, thereby, you have the power to work with them.

My friends, I offered you wine and bread. Both, the drink from the chalice as well as the breaking of the bread, are symbols for the devotion to My human brothers and sisters.

When I ask you to do the same, by sharing the drink in the chalice with Me, as well as by breaking the bread with Me, I am also asking you the following: Come, follow Me! Give yourselves and minister to your brothers and sisters, serve creation–the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, and the nature beings. Minister to the four elements–fire, water, earth, and air–and you will grow into the fulfillment of your commission: to transform the world that surrounds you now, the world of outer glitter and pretense, into the spiritual reality.

During your silence, My beloved friends, the SPIRIT opens for you in all being. Everything speaks to and with you. Everything that is around you wants to minister to you, in the same way as you are willing to serve in humility and therefore willing to love.

When the powers become mighty in you, think back on this evening and on My plea with you to always be fully conscious of the fact that a Son, a Daughter of the FATHER always bows humbly before all being; for SPIRIT dwells in all that is.

Within that bow lies the all-uniting love, toward which you are striving. Separate no longer in your hearts but let Me walk the Earth through you, and let me unite all that is or seems separated.

Now turn your gaze from downhill; turn about to look at your goal! I am with you, with each of you. My right arm is upon your shoulder, and with the left hand I am pointing to the light.

Let go of all heaviness and immerse yourselves into the light of eternity, in order to remain therein henceforth! The light is stronger than that of your earthly sun. It irradiates you, and a wave of love and mercy envelops you. I point to the ONE WHO is My and your FATHER. I show you the way into the FATHER’S HOUSE. I point the way for you into eternity, from where you have come and to which you are returning. Leave time behind you and enter eternity, enter into your Son- or Daughter-ship!

I the PRIMORDIAL FATHER greet My Sons and Daughters in the earthly garment. Listen to My WORD and receive it in your hearts, where I am and where all of heaven is! Peace surrounds you; it is the peace of home, My Sons, My Daughters. Through you, peace shall be on the entire Earth, on this planet. Peace will be on this planet, which bears so much sorrow and through whose paths you are now passing in the earthly garment....;peace in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom, peace amongst My children.

Holy was the hour in which you were all gathered, and joy filled your hearts in the readiness to leave your home and set your feet upon this world without peace. Peace and love is what you promised to bring to Earth...peace, joy, and love.

However, once in this earthly garment, you were often times without joy, and you were frantically in search of your inner peace. My Sons, My Daughters, peace is in you! Joy is in you! Love is in you! Your home is in you; in you is all of heaven! So enter into your inner spheres and rescind separation, the distinction you make between Spirit and matter.

When you walk this planet Earth as My Son, as My Daughter, you are in unity with all spiritual being around you. You see behind all matter, which shows itself to your physical eyes. You behold My SPIRIT and recognize, simultaneously, that you are one with this SPIRIT. There is no separation in the SPIRIT. The Word, which My Son gave to you, has then become reality for you. You are resting in My heart, [you] have never left it at all.

I, your PRIMORDIAL FATHER, have placed My hand upon the head of every single one of you before you dared to enter into the darkness, so that you may be a light therein. I gave you My blessing and promised you My grace coming from Mercy, should you lose the way in the darkness.

My Sons, My Daughters, you have overcome the darkness. You see the light, you see Me. Again I place My hand upon your head. This time, it is the head of the human child, which bears within the Son, the Daughter of My SPIRIT.

I bless you, My child in the human garment. Discard everything that binds you to the material level! See, my grace helps you to cut even these last shackles. My mercy releases you from earthly ties.

Come and be now light amid the darkness,
Which, once upon a time, you promised to be!

My Son, My Daughter, sense within you the spiritual consecration you received when you decided for your commission. This sanctified state radiates your being now and is renewed for the events in earthly time.

Listen, My child, and hear the suffering creation endures all around you. Recognize that it is My suffering, for I am the SPIRIT in all things! But it is also your suffering, for you are one with the SPIRIT. However, the might and power of My inheritance is placed into your hands, so that this suffering may now cease.

And so I send you forth, My Son, My Daughter,
as a Child of Light
Who is blessed by Me!
Be active in full possession of your spiritual power!

I, your FATHER, am omnipresent in you and walk unified with you My Son, My Daughter, across the fields of earthly events. Fulfill what you have promised! Immense love flows through your earthly being, permeated by My yearning.

Come home, My child, and bring back to Me, back to the light, all that is fallen! Transform the darkness of your free choice into light, and annul the polarity you still see all around you!

My Son, My Daughter,
Walk this planet Earth in the unity with all being and
Of and with My power that is also your power,
Of and with My might that is also your might,
Of and with My love that is also your love,
And do not, henceforth, limit yourself!


My friends, I JESUS CHRIST, your friend in you, render you autonomous, for I am directly teaching you everything in your inner spheres. Only there shall you seek the truth.

This liberty holds also certain dangers, My friends, but you have been told about them. Do not put your teaching course away. For when you receive an impulse from your inner spheres to take your book in hand, do open it up anywhere! It will be exactly the place where you will find the help you will need whenever you have doubts about where to go from here.

In accordance with the law of the free will, I cannot influence you. However, everything around you will be there to help you, if only you are willing. It can be the schooling book you have just completed, or any book that was spiritually inspired by Me, as well as creation around you, as I have taught you. Everything is a symbol and is there to reveal to you the ways toward perfection.

My friends, a wonderful world is awaiting you,
it is the world Of SPIRIT.

Once again: Only in the stillness will this world open up for you, and it longs for the child of the eternally holy FATHER and for His love.

Go with Me in you to the spiritual spheres, and draw from them the power to fulfill your commission, which is to be light amid the darkness! Every song of a bird wants to gladden the Father’s child. The trees are rustling a song of joy for you. The wind sings its melody, and in the whispering wellspring, your home, your SOURCE, rejoices, encouraging you to partake of the fullness of the SPIRIT. Everything that surrounds you on earth intrinsically bears the SPIRIT of GOD.

Draw from this unity, and your ministering path will not be hard or without joy! Your everyday duties will no longer depress you, because you are in the fulfillment of your promise given long ago, as you draw from the fullness.

May the chalice in your hand, signifying one of the events in time and space, not weigh heavily upon your soul, My beloved friends. Rather, through your joy, may your soul gain airiness; for the bitterness of the events in time and space, through which I also had to pass, will be transformed by you just as I once transformed water to wine.

Come, My beloved fold and set out on the way, be it with each other in the human garment or separately, this question should no longer matter to you. For in the SPIRIT you are and always remain one with Me and in GOD, your and My FATHER, Who is at the same time MOTHER.

So let us take the steps into your spiritual freedom:

Everyone is an instrument, the truth lies within you!
My blessing fills you!
Henceforth, I, in unity with the SPIRIT of GOD,
Shall walk the earthly globe through you.



...We unite in prayer, thanking the FATHER for the power of His SPIRIT, and we let this power, the blessing, and the love, stream forth to all of our fellow-brothers and sisters, consoling them, loving them, and bringing them peace.

Bowing our heads, we ask for forgiveness, ever conscious of our sinfulness, yet simultaneously imbued with the longing of the FATHER in our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the longing that is also within our souls. This longing connects with the longing present in creation for the light of eternity, for peace, for freedom in the spiritual being without violence, without being dominated or wanting to dominate.

Thus, this SPIRIT radiates into the world of the animals as well and helps to relieve their suffering, the suffering they cause for each other without being conscious of it, and also the suffering mankind–our brothers and sisters–causes. The merciful kindness of the MATERNAL principle soothes all this suffering; for here in this earthly existence, we are the governors of Your SPIRIT, oh FATHER. We can dissolve this suffering; we can transform it. We now do this fervently with our inner being, which is connected with yours, oh FATHER.

Love vibrates, love connects! Thus, we are now of one spirit with all brothers and sisters, who are like we, striving to remain watchful amid the nearing fire storm. Beloved heavenly FATHER, we know that it is a spiritual fire, it is Your fire. And whoever aligns with You will not be consumed by its flames. We are messengers of Your mercy and are conscious of it. The spiritual fire brings [us] home, oh FATHER, and, long ago, beyond time and space, with all of our power, we were ready to help with the home-bringing. We were in the Sanctum with You, FATHER. This promise is once again in our conscious mind, in this present time and space, and we are fully aware of our power to be Your Son, Your Daughter, and of our ability to act out of this power.

FATHER, so we no longer wish to be Your weak children but strong and resolved in our conviction, in our faith, trust, and in our love for You, oh FATHER, since there is no separation from all that is. This renewed promise fills us and makes us ready, FATHER, to receive Your HOLY SPIRIT whenever the time comes.

We thank you for this evening, for the schooling, through which Your Son guided us, and we will not cease to pray and stay awake in order to actively help bring about the transformation and the home-bringing.

Father, so it shall be, now and always!


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