Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

Love for creation
Creation as a mirror for self-recognition

7. Exercise

I am the LOVE OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST, LOVE that has become man. And you shall find your way back to this LOVE, which I am in every one of you.

Have I not been with you in all My love, not only in the past fourteen days, but always? Have I not gently guided you through all your paths, no matter where they were?

And so I lead to you brothers and sisters with whom you can test yourselves in love. Realize that only those of your neighbors who, by your opinion, are an annoyance to you help you to get ahead on the path of love; for those who bring to you love, and love exclusively, are simply friends on your path home to the Father.

However, those over whom you stumble and whom you consider your enemies are the ones that prepare your way toward the light. They show you where it is that you still lack love, where you cannot forgive as I forgave on the cross. They show you your mirror, in which you see and recognize yourselves. Sometimes the mirror is held up to you in a very crass way. That too is schooling, My beloved; for in this crass contrast you see your own smaller weaknesses.

Therefore, examine the sensations you harbor toward your neighbor, and be wary when haughty thoughts attack you, such as: “Am I glad that I am not like this or that one.” Let Me remind you of the prayer of the Pharisee and of the tax collector. The tax collector bowed humbly, while the Pharisee recited all his good deeds and while he spoke of his thankfulness toward God, not to be like this tax collector.

My beloved, following Me is not always easy. The path I walked ahead of you is full of stumbling blocks, and I am the one Who places them in your path. Only by them can you grow, and only by them can you perfect yourselves and take strides toward the all-connecting, humble and giving love, which gives of itself.

And now you might say: “Lord, you too have used strong words. May we not use strong words too?” I answer you: I too was man like you, and voluntarily I have taken on burden. For if I had taken on the human garment without burden, Earth could not have held Me, I would have vanished. And so I voluntarily took on negative characteristics in order to show My brothers and sisters in the darkness that I am overcoming the darkness in spite of these characteristics and still will reach the light of love.

My goal was the forgiveness in love, even toward those who tortured Me. My goal was the deepest humility before all My brothers and sisters. I have reached this goal.

It was not the Father’s will that I should suffer this humiliating death, but that of My brothers and sisters of darkness. They believed that I would not be able to endure the human humiliation because I had so much power within Me. You can only barely fathom the humiliation I endured: flogged, bleeding, with a crown of thorns upon My head and the cross upon My shoulders, I walked through the gaping crowd. Even then I was blessing them. And I looked lovingly at those who were crying, and My thoughts were with them: “Do not weep, My faithful ones but bear joy within your hearts, for I am showing you that love is victorious over all the hatred that is brewing toward Me.” Love is victorious; the same is true for you.

When you look into the world you see the cross, still being carried, symbolically, wherever there is war, suffering and need. Wherever My brothers and sisters are dying from hunger and thirst, the cross of love is borne. Even if those who have to bear this cross are despairing, it is the breakthrough of love, for the long night of darkness is coming to an end. A heavy thunderstorm is yet to come over this earth, symbolically speaking, and the rolling thunder will be heard from one end of the earth to the other. Yes, Earth will shake, for it has seen too much hatred and suffering. Even she, which bears you, wants to free herself, wants to hasten toward the light; for she, your Mother Earth lives and bears the cross, which man has heavily placed upon her for much too long. It is your task to help transform this cross of infinite suffering into the sign of victory, the victory of love. Every one of you can help – with all of his or her might -- to stand up this cross as a sign of light. It is a sign of light which connects heaven with earth so that it will once again be as it once was: UNITY IN GOD, the FATHER and CREATOR, of Whom you all originate. Only man knows separation, the FATHER knows no separation, neither do I, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER, JESUS CHRIST.

Therefore, look beyond the pain and see in it the turning point leading to the light! And when the earth shakes under your feet, have understanding and send love her way. He who vibrates in love will not suffer need, for creation bows before the lover. Also, he who lives in love will receive all power in order to help others in their time of need. He will be able to help those who still cling to that which is of the earth [matter], who don’t want to let go. However, recognize that this help does not come in words but through the deed of love, through your blessing thoughts and your understanding.

When someone is searching for his homeland, when he longs for it, recognize in this the longing of the soul for the eternal home, which he once had lost. The human being misreads the sensations of his soul, and he yearns for something that has long passed. If such a human being should enter the ground of the seeming homeland, it would be strange to him; a coolness would blow through his heart. Try to understand your fellow man as in this example. Try to see beyond the human shell, look into his soul and recognize the longing that is hidden within his soul.

Thus try to read your fellow man in absolute humble love, and then you can accept everyone, from your heart, when they behave out of their humanness. You then will grow beyond your own humanness, for not your human person is acting but the light-filled SPIRIT will act through the human being, in other words, I through you. When you act thus, My beloved, your vis a vis will grow silent. Perhaps a brief rebellion will show itself, a rebellion against the light of love, because your [love-] arrow has hit the very center of his heart. After that follows the silence of one that was shaken within; for when did the human being ever receive that much love as you are giving now and should always give?

I know that this path of love is not easy for you, that it is a constant testing ground for you and will be. However, I say again: I have gone the way before you. Not death is at the end of it, but life, resurrection. At the end of the path I want to have resurrected in you! You are instruments of love and as such you go your way, amidst rolling thunder, right through the last brief period of a deep dark night. Morning is already beginning to break. Soon the sun will rise on the horizon, and I am the sun in My return. And the dawning morning is My SPIRIT, WHICH is traversing Earth now, awakening numerous instruments, so that they may proclaim My coming.

As reveille [the bugler] I go about this earth in My SPIRIT. Awaken from the sleep of this world! Free yourselves from the shackles of matter and turn within, toward the light, which is in each and every one of you. Turn to Me, the unity with GOD! That does not mean that you should not care about anything on the earthly level. No! Wherever your place is, is where you should fulfill your task with Me and out of Me and out of My love!

Use that which I have given you with joy. Share it with your neighbor, but do not cling to it. And so it also is with your brothers and sisters, who are father, mother, partner and children to you. Set them free in your inner being! Everyone is a child of GOD, and every child is going the path homeward. It has to go the path, even though it may not look that way to you. Every child goes by way of his own experiences. Every child goes the path back by way of his fate, the same path whence he came into the darkness.

Outwardly you shall honor your father and mother. Outwardly you certainly should love your children, your friends, acquaintances, but don’t cling to the human being. Let them go free, for in the wide expanse of infinity there are ever so many with whom you have already walked the path, and all are your brothers and sisters, except for one soul which belongs to you: Your dual soul [your eternal mate]. You are one with him or her, one flame before GOD’S throne, only now separated. You will find your way to this one soul once again by your love for the entire creation. When you have overcome separation here on earth, you will also overcome the separation from the soul with whom you are one, always were, and will be again for ever.

Separation is only seemingly so. Love will lead you to a conscious unification with your dual soul.

This soul, which belongs to you, will also lay all its love at the feet of the ONE, GOD. For in the pure heavens the spirit beings do not forget about God over the love for their partners, such as it happens here on earth. O no, only ONE is due all love!

Your dual soul is one with you. It can only be separated from you on the human level. On the spiritual level there is one love, which flickers up toward GOD.

So grow in love through the simple tasks, which I give to you. Overcome separation and recognize that one serves the other; that you cannot live without the mineral kingdom, and even less without the plant kingdom. Realize that you are living in a symbiosis with the plants!

They give themselves to you in nourishment. They are the energy carriers, which transform sunlight into nourishment and which at the same time give you the air to breathe as well as absorbing your poisonous wastes. Yes they even do much more...

When you enter into the spiritual kingdom of plants, their function and effect, you will stand in awe before this wonderful creation. This creation, in its multiplicity and beauty, which is so indescribable and grand in its service to man, truly leaves you nothing else to do but to bow before it in humility.

All the illness-causing things man has attained, through his negative sensations, thoughts, and actions are healable through the plants when the human being returns to love. GOD has let plants grow for every ailment on this earth, plants to help His children;

for HE, the ALL-ONE GOD knows how hard the path through darkness is. He knows how often His children fall while making the test of their free choice and thus contracting illnesses. Because of this, He in His grace and mercy gave His human children the profusion of healing plants. It is His merciful hand which He mildly holds over us and which wants to take from us all suffering.

What does man do? He moans and cries and accuses GOD.: “It is all His fault.” How often do thoughts such as these rise from the earth.....? GOD gave to his children a profusely blooming planet, with enough food growing for everyone, yes more than enough. What has man done? How does he show his thankfulness for this gift?

So here is My plea to you: In the next fourteen days, enter into the world of the plants as we have discussed. Choose one special plant in your home, one that you love especially much, and pay attention to it in the first week!

In the second week give this love to all your plants in the house and watch your sensations. For one or the other of you it will be possible to overcome his separation between the plant and himself, and it will be easiest for you with your favorite plant. It is life and so are you. Life is streaming power and these energies are exchanged between you. You will feel this power when you turn to your plant full of love.

Every one of you has once or twice felt the radiating power of the forest within him, the calmness that emanates from the trees. Sometimes it seems as though all your worries are absorbed and transformed by the trees. Downcast, you walk into the forest, heavy is your step. The deeper you walk into the woods among the trees, the lighter your heart becomes. Try this when the sun is beckoning you and when you feel a longing within you to leave the narrow walls and to walk into the awakening spring. If you want, take this also as a task.

Whatever instruction I now give you, it is only the beginning of the path to unity with creation. Do not forget your little stone, but try to connect with the mineral kingdom as well or to deepen your connection, until you are successful, for, verily, love is unity and unity is love –to this I want to lead you.

So go joyfully into the coming days, not with the sadness of this world, which is bowing to My death.

No, death is the least important thing on My path! What I have brought you is the life, is resurrection, is the victory over death. You too shall become victorious over death, awaken to life and continue your walk in the joy of resurrection!

I bless you in the name of the FATHER, as well as all those who have begun their path toward the light, home to the FATHER.


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