Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

The love for God
The path to mystical unification

59. Exercise

My friends, I JESUS CHRIST am not only your guest, I am also the friend of your souls. As this friend I walk this earthly plane in unity with you, and by and by you will outgrow your baby shoes in order to enter into the autonomous life of the eternally holy FATHER’S a Son or Daughter.

This is a developmental process. Just as you have cut the apron strings of your earthly home, in the same way you are now cutting the ties to an instrument, since you are all instruments yourselves. You are also severing your ties to a group in order to come to an inner connection. You can, of course, remain friends with each other for your entire earthly life; and you can meet with each other, from time to time. Yet you are no longer bound to one another. Instead, every one of you is a free child of the MOST HIGH, effective through his or her heritage inherent in the child of GOD.

As this Son, this Daughter, you are going through your earthly tasks, ceasing to judge and condemn, for in the unity with GOD the FATHER, your own divinity shines through you; and by every activity you are presently fulfilling, be it in your profession as teacher, musician, housewife, office clerk, no matter what it may be in the unity with GOD, GOD is effective through you! You are in reality not separated from the ALL-ONE and ONLY, the SPIRIT, Who encompasses and envelops everything; for everything is after all in HIM, imbued and penetrated by and of HIM.

The meditations I am teaching you will lead you to your own divinity. Whereby I emphasize that you are not equal to GOD, but in His likeness. To be equal with GOD would be to comprehend the absoluteness. However, you will never be able to do that, as you have been told through this instrument. The Absolute is walking ahead of you in all eternity, and for the children of GOD it means joy to explore the absoluteness in all eternity and to recognize the depths of divine BEING in ever new aspects.

By doing the meditations, you enter into the depths of your divine being, your SOURCE. You will not reach the deepest levels of submersion overnight. Such submersion would mean that the earth and all material things around you will sink into oblivion and that you would conquer the seven times seven levels in unity with and conscious of the mystical union with the SPIRIT. This takes constant practice and is accomplished with continual progressive steps.

You, My friends are still in a pendulum-like motion, and you still judge by light and darkness, good and evil. You are still moving in the midst of the polarities of the earthly existence.

And now I will repeat a former revelation: Step away from the pendulum motion and enter into the ray of light that you are. Do not turn to the lower end of the ray, where you are lost in space and time, but turn about and look into the light of eternity!

This 180 degree turn will cause you to also see your fellow-brothers and sisters in the light of eternity, no matter how they may act. You are not looking at a reflection but are looking behind the reflection. The end points of the sent forth rays are imperfect. They lose themselves in the darkness, as I have already explained. However, the beginning of the ray is the SOURCE, is GOD, the FATHER, are you as the Sons and Daughters, and not only you but all your brothers and sisters.

The way your brothers and sisters, here and there, are acting is for you, if you take offence to it, actually an indication that you have not yet conquered your ego within yourselves. You are identifying mostly with the [human] end point of your light-ray, instead of the Son, the Daughter of the FATHER. You therefore do not love yourselves as you are, and you chase goals which can never be reached by chasing them, but only in the condition of Being: I AM THAT I AM, in all eternity, ever the same, and so are you, My brother, My sister, the same in all eternity. All other things are but shadows, needing to be dissolved in the light of the PRIMORDIAL SUN, and it is a part of your tasks to dissolve the shadows. How do you want to dissolve the shadows if you do not recognize them first? That is why you stumble over these shadows, over yourselves, so that you may grow into recognition of them and into the dissolution of the world of shadows.

There are several reasons why I guide you through meditation. For one, your consciousness has to re-awaken to the fact that you are co-creators, always were and always will be, even here on the material level. You are the creators of your environment! Yes, you are the creators of your futures, and you have also created your own pasts. And now the time has come to cease using these creative forces unconsciously, but to consciously grow into this holy power and might.

Every sensation that rises up in you is already the beginning of a creation. A sensation is formed into a deed by the thought. The word can accelerate the creation, but even thoughts are enough to call forth something of a material nature, with other words: to create.

You have given an example today: You as musicians are fearful to stand before a large audience and show your abilities. This fear you have, even before your performance, fashions thought-waves and will encompass all your future audiences. The negativity, fear you send out reaches the receiver. You come into the hall, you look into the faces of your listeners, and you recognize only yourselves: You read all that, which you have sent forth, in the faces of your audience. And it is now your task to work with the creative forces consciously.

Just to stay with the previous example: you receive a commission to play for a large audience. “FATHER, I am your child and have been sent out to bring joy to human beings. My person cannot do anything, oh FATHER, this I know. Yet my spiritual heritage that You gave to me can do everything when done in unity with You. And so I will go forth with You in order to bring joy.” When you enter the hall in this vibration, which will automatically seek like receivers, a totally different audience will meet you. It is similar with the profession of a teacher, with all professions that encounter many people at the same time.

Please always differentiate authoritarian from authority. In the unity with GOD your FATHER, you are an authority flooded with light. Whatever you may say has influence, because it is based on the SPIRIT and filled by SPIRIT. That is because not you are the speaker, but your Higher Self, the Son, the Daughter in unity with the spiritual power.

This power streams through the Son, the Daughter and takes hold of all listeners. One can never simply strive for authority, either. One is an authority when one lives in Being. One is not an authority because one wishes to be and because one moves in the human ego. In that case one may, at best, come off as authoritarian, which makes him untrustworthy for many people.

When I walked this earth I often spoke these words: “I do not speak out of Myself, but it is the FATHER speaking through Me.” May that be your example; for you too shall grow into the consciousness of the soul and Higher Self by such exercises of oneness with all being. When you accomplish that, you will no longer speak out of your human self, but out of the unity of the Son, the Daughter with the FATHER.

All your difficulties, which still appear at times, will abate at the moment when you have turned to the light and have put yourselves into the ray of your light. Watch yourselves as to how often you still judge and condemn and how many conceptions you still entertain. But do not mistake conceptions for the power of imagination, whereby conceptions can also materialize themselves as can your power of imagination, which are forces of formation.

When you conceive of something to happen and nourish these thoughts time and again, your creative forces will come into play, and your conception will happen, sooner or later, just as you have fashioned it in order to show you that you are co-creators.

A conception is always separate from the divine will, as it is your own will, while the power of imagination is in unity with the law of love and is always connected with the love-radiation, coupled with humility. The latter quality is typical of a Daughter, a Son of the MOST HIGH.

Out of this humility the Child, giving himself over to these forces of imagination at My hand, is thus able to transform its environment to light-filled being. This transformation always happens in unity with the SPIRIT and in the consciousness that the Child receives everything– from the power of the ALL-ONE–in a fullness that is without limit. Yet, the Child knows that out of himself he can do nothing.

Once again, for your better understanding: The ego believes it can actualize its conceptions out of his or her own power, whereby the conception to become rich may actually show itself materially. Yes, the treasures of this world may be laid at your feet. However, since you are willfully and unconsciously forcing certain powers to act in accordance with your conceptions, these same forces, yes powers, will come toward you once again, and you will have no choice but to give compensation by serving them. These are ties to which only love can finally put an end. Now the time has come, however, not to enter into newly formed ties, but to transform old ties to the so-called love-connections, from ties to connections that are of SPIRIT.

Recognize that this schooling as I am giving it today is in part given in anticipation of later developments, yes has to be anticipated, because the time is not standing still; because everyone of you has tasks awaiting him or her, which you have voluntarily taken on and promised to fulfill. May the human being stand incredulously before the fullness. Believe Me, you will grow into this fullness step by step, since you are walking at My hand. What may be unthinkable today, will be matter of fact for you tomorrow.

The power of imagination is a power of the will executed in union with the helping spiritual forces, the forces of love. When you face times during which these forces will have to be called upon–as I have described them to you: beams from collapsed houses might be blocking you from reaching brothers or sister in need–then, My faithful ones, you will have developed the power to move such matter by the power of love and with His blessing. In unity with creation you will then ask this beam “lift of!” and matter will obey the highest power in the universe, which is Love.

And even if you cannot imagine it right now, consider that the reason is only the fact that you still identify yourselves with the end of the sent forth ray. SPIRIT is without limits, and you too are without limits. The SPIRIT works powerfully.

Behold the universes, look at the stars and recognize the wisdom of the SPIRIT! From the macrocosm your consciousness immerses itself into the microcosm, and you recognize in the smallest things, the same holy proceedings, an order that is in accordance with the law of love: one serving another.

Once you have entered into this law, once you have changed your point of view of 180 degrees, then, My friends, what I have revealed to you today is no longer a fairy tale but the joyful reality of your actual being.

When you, by virtue of your thoughts, even now recognize your creations in the material plane–and everyone of you knows from his or her own experience that things you vividly imagined did come true, in the negative as well as in the positive areas–how much more will you also be effective in the full consciousness of your divinity, of your Son- or Daughter-ship!

Meditation will help you along with aligning your concentration with this higher consciousness, but not only that, it will help deepen it. Now, you still need time to reach a higher level of consciousness. Now, you still need a certain ritual to align in the right way. However, in the course of the exercises, when you have taken off your baby shoes, you will no longer need all these preparations. Rather, the switch from one consciousness level to another takes seconds, and you are truly inhabitants of the heavenly and of the earthly sphere at the same time.

For the moment, you believe to recognize yourselves only as inhabitants of this Earth. However, and now I am asking you for the third time: Change your point of view! All these exercises which I am teaching you are helping you with this.

When I now guide you into a meditation , it is only a further building block, another step toward your Higher Self, the Son or Daughter, which you are in your innermost being. It is another step toward your soul-condition, away from any pendulum-motion.

So direct your attention to the crown of your head! Just below, underneath the scalp toward the back of the head, is the seat of the soul. From there it spreads out like the fine roots of a shrub, spreading out in the entire body and giving life to every cell. When the soul withdraws this life, the body becomes heavy, until you can no longer feel it; now it is light as a feather. Your will has been turned off at that point, and the soul raises itself freely above your head and looks radiantly into the light of eternity, into its actual existence.

You are still sensing the branching out of the soul-forces in your body, the stream of life within every cell. Warmth is pulsing through your body. The soles of your feet are pulsing. The soul radiates beyond the body cells and fashions the aura enveloping the human being. Thus your soul is radiating beyond your feet as well and connects with the earth, of which your bodies were created–links with Earth that nourishes and carries you.

Now you feel the pulsing of the vital power in the soles of your feet. Vital power is the same as love. Vital power is unlimited. And so you are sensing the stream of love as it connects with all life at your feet, with the microbes in the earth’s crust, with the worms, with the roots of the plants. Are you not also rooted with the earth? But not as a tree, which cannot change its position...Recognize the symbolism: You can change this position!

Feel love for the animals, for all the little beetles which crawl across hastily. Everything in creation has its purpose and fulfills its task. There would be chaotic conditions, if one life form would not serve the other. The only one not serving another in this creation is man. He has been given freedom, but this freedom must result in the recognition: “Only by serving am I truly free, as I draw from the fullness while I serve. For in the same measure in which I serve, all of creation serves me.”

Now feel how the warmth of your legs travels upwards to the knees. Again, this warmth, this life radiates, and it, this love, flows to the smallest of animals, to the plants, to the hedges, to all life which comes up to your knees, round about the earth. You are one in this love, in this life, you are in constant reciprocal action with any and all life. Give up the separation from all being about you and enter into the connection with all created being!

Again, warmth streams even further up your legs, to your thighs and pelvis. The love, the life even pulsates in your palms. Love, I repeat, is limitless, wants to link with love. You are love in the highest perfection, a Son, a Daughter of the FATHER. This love streams through you to all your neighbors, to all those to whom you extend your love-filled hands.

In you pulsates divine Order, which you can recognize in the macro- and micro-cosmos, which will bring into divine Order any and all chaos. The chaos in you dissolves as well and vibrates in DIVINE PRIMORDIAL POWER, the power that creates Order in love.

In the SPIRIT, you bow your heads and thereby turn toward the will of GOD! You feel the rotation of the center of divine Will, and just like a drop you give yourselves over to the ocean of divine Will: “FATHER, not I but You through me in all that I do.” Your will is done. I give myself over to the stream of this Will. The water serves me as symbol. It does not ask, where shall I flow, it flows.” And so flows the life, the love within you, and not your willing creates the future but your sentiment of: “FATHER, as you wish. Everything is good the way it is.”

In this river of divine Will you are immersing yourselves into the fullness of Wisdom, and you begin to draw from it. Justice fills your heart, and My call in you touches you deeply in the depth of your Son- and Daughter-ship.

From the earnestness of serving, you have left the light-filled being in order to enter this world of shadows, with the purpose to dissolve these shadows by virtue of love. It takes a little more of your Patience. If you are impatient, then your willing and wanting is about to take over again.

But if you are in the condition of “I AM THAT I AM,” a Son, a Daughter of the MOST HIGH, you will no longer ask: “When Lord, and where?” But you will patiently put one foot in front of the other and will exercise humility and devotion. This fills you with love, with life, crowned by mercy, and you will no longer stand there with drooping heads, but upright, gazing into the ray of light, to the very PRIMORDIAL DEPTH of your being.

Standing in this fullness, you will say the words: “So be it, FATHER, may Your will be done!” Mentally, you will open your arms and notice that it is your soul, which moves beyond your body. As it raises itself, your soul spreads out its arms in order to encompass the visible and invisible creation of the SPIRIT OF UNITY.

Practice this kind of concentration on the light that I am and that you are! Your spread-out arms are lowering once again. I extend to you My hand and place yours into Mine. Now let your power of imagination work here: The soul is not heavy, it is light, it knows no limitation. Even when I say: “It is extending its hand to Me,” I am still within, and the outer luminosity of My being connects with the luminosity within the soul. – I place My free arm about the shoulders of My friend, and we both gaze into the light.

Oh see your SOURCE in this light of eternity! Oh, My Brother, oh, My Sister, see also the power of the inheritance, which wants to flow toward you once again! However, only as much as you are ready to receive will flow into you.

Recognize that when you left your SOURCE, the PRIMORDIAL SUN, GOD, in the form of a ray, you yourself have left behind the light that you are at the SOURCE and that you will always be, and in your imagination you have removed yourself more and more, until you reached this end point here in the earthly being.

Now you gaze into the fullness, whence you have come, and you cannot grasp that the fullness is yours. Grow out of your baby shoes and once again walk into the fullness of this light!

Light, life, love, many terms for one and the same thing. Mentally, you can now walk with Me wherever you want. Be it to the far-away Africa or here in your nearer vicinity, in order to help someone that has fallen ill, it does not matter. I will remain silent now for a little while, and you give yourselves over to your intuition and let your power of imagination work, so that you can fulfill the commission you have heard from your inner being, and it will happen in and of the divine SPIRIT. I will remain silent...

Now come and fill your earthly bodies with life once again, with love, and every cell of this earthly body will be ready to serve you whenever you submerge the fullness of love in this your human body. Is this not a work of wonder? Love it! Be thankful to it for its service to you, and the body will fulfill its duty here in the earthly being, that is, to serve the soul with every cell, and to allow the soul to be effective in its bliss, as Son, as Daughter of the MOST HIGH. Fill this earthly body with heavenly power.

Sense now the stream of life in all your bones and joints. Move about! Let Me guide you willingly, not by your willingness but in the condition of your being. You have the freedom, always.

Blessing you, I am standing in your circle and My blessing streams forth to you, even to you who are reading these words. In the SPIRIT there is no separation, in love all is one.


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