Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

The love for God
The path to mystical unification

55. Exercise

I JESUS CHRIST am in the midst of you, and I am in My omnipresence with all who are now passing through the tests of their Higher Self.

I want to deepen My last words to you, so that you will understand what the Higher Self means for the soul and human being, and so that you recognize that the so-called coincidences were prepared long ago. They were thus prepared, expressly, so that the human being and his soul lives through his weaknesses, and so that the soul, which has been carrying these weaknesses–even in former incarnations–can become free while it heaves all its weaknesses upon the human being.

You know that nothing happens without a cause. Whatsoever runs its course in the here and now takes its vibration from the past and is to be dissolved in the here and now, so that you become effective in the power of your heritage, transferred from the FATHER to His Son, His Daughter.

Here is an example: You spoke about insurance, which, oh beloved brother is coming to your sister. After all, what is she on the spiritual level? On Earth she was your wife. You parted in disunity. However, seen spiritually she is your sister. It was not the first time that you walked this Earth with her, but you did so several times. The Higher Self, the Son of the FATHER in you has now set the tracks so that the karmic ties can be severed, and so that you, oh My brother can serve Me in the freedom of the heavenly FATHER’S Son, to walk Earth and to fulfill YOUR “Yes,” which you gave to Me some time ago.

For the third time the soles of your shoes have come off. The command to loosen yourself from the material things is unequivocal. The task, which the Higher Self gives to you, the person, will free your soul when you absolve the task. Once more My words for your confirmation!

Now, I understand you very well that the repressed rage, the anger, oppresses you when these things happen–and now I come back to the circle and to all with My WORD: At the moment of a karmic event you are in a fog, you are in a cloud and stumble around blindly. Especially then, I am the friend at your side, your brother, and I extend both hands to you.

Based on the schooling I give to you, at those moments of darkness, of struggle, your thoughts should be addressed to Me: “LORD, help me in this fog, in this thunderstorm, in this wall of clouds, to recognize the light of love and to live it as well! For now, I cannot do it myself, while my human being wrestles with the soul in me. But with your power and help I recognize the weakness of my human being and am ready, as well, to unbind whatsoever ties still exist from the past.”

When you turn to Me, I will extend My hand and the wall of clouds will retreat. The fog will lift, the spirit becomes effective, and all the things you have let go, all your fears of existence, for instance, will dissolve in the light.

Did I not say, analogously: See the lilies of the field, how they grow: They do not toil, yet even Solomon with all his riches was not dressed as beautifully as these? If you have trust in GOD, if you love HIM, then you are free as the birds in the air, which do not sow nor reap, nor gather food in the barns, and still they are nourished by HIM.

Yet, I can give you this much assurance: Whatsoever you let go freely, totally giving yourselves over to the will of the heavenly FATHER, comes back to you in one form or another as a gift of grace.

Yours is the fullness! You pray: “Our kingdom comes!” It comes! It is yours, for the FATHER wants to share the fullness of creation with you. Yet, man still limits himself and fights for his earthly belongings and wealth. He fights for his health, fights with himself and the absurdities within himself, totally alone. Why? Because you will not take My hands. However, at the moment you take the hands, which are always extended to you, all power of the heavens can stream toward you, and you pass through the tests of your Higher Self and recognize that same moment how cleverly the ties were placed, so that you may cut through them.

When you are in the midst of a problem, it is hard for you to jump over your own shadow. It is only later that you smile at yourselves, for you are after all one unity: human being, soul, and spirit, here on the earthly plane. May the human being act up as much as he wants to, may he be incensed as a hornet, there is a being within you that is purest love. There is a Son or Daughter of the FATHER who understands everything, who will not set limits for love, joyfully fulfilling what he or she had come to Earth to do.

Recognize that this light-filled being, the radiant CHILD OF GOD, is alive within you! Without this primordial spark, which is of GOD, man would not be able to exist. This primordial spark is the life, is the light, because the primordial spark is one with Me the love and thereby also with GOD the FATHER. This primordial spark is your Higher Self. And by way of your Higher Self, the healing power streams forth in unity with GOD, as well as the WORD–the I AM –and as well as all spiritual gifts. This Higher Self has placed about itself the garments or layers, which comprise your soul.

The soul is the burdened Higher Self. Take heed of the word “burdened.” The Higher Self is in the highest vibration. It has to be burdened, so that it may transform itself down. Therefore, I too have transformed Myself down. I too have burdened Myself in order to be born unto the earthly plane. You too had one day taken on burden, be it through the fall or voluntarily–be that as it may. But this one thing I want to say unto you: As you are all here, you are messengers of light and have agreed to help with the transformation of all that has fallen.

The shadows, the garments about your Higher Self are, therefore, your soul. Depending on how the soul has freed itself, the Higher Self is working powerfully through the soul. However, part of the burden has to remain; otherwise the soul could not walk this earthly plane in the human garment. Its longing would be much too great. In this way, it keeps a portion of the burden.

The human being exudes the burdens. They are showing the unevenness in the human being, which cannot be discarded; otherwise the human being would not be able to remain upon Earth. A perfect child of the FATHER is in highest vibration, while matter is the lowlest vibration. A perfect child would not be visible on Earth. However, the burden allows for the SPIRIT in the human being to live on the earthly plane.

All three, SPIRIT, soul, and human being are a unity. The Higher Self knows all about the path of the soul and the human being. It knows the shadows the soul has placed about itself. It knows which of those can be discarded and which have to remain so that the plan for this earth can be fulfilled. The soul is in constant communication with the Higher Self and tries to transfer the teachings about the shadows to the human being, so that the human being recognizes, here and there are my weaknesses, and here and there are my ties, which still need to be dissolved so that my soul can act freely.

I spoke about these ties last time. Do not confuse ties with the soul shadows or soul garments.

Shadows, causing the soul garment, are accepted characteristics. They are, for instance, a bad temper, haughtiness, stinginess, and similar things. As long as you walk the earth you will bear such characteristics as shadows. The important thing for the human being is that he or she will recognize these shadows and tear them down, inasmuch as the soul should not be hindered in its work for the light. At the moment when the human being recognizes his or her negative characteristics, that is, the shadows of his soul, he can dissolve a portion of these shadows with My power, with My help and thereby also with his Higher Self.

Ties are a different thing, on the other hand. Ties have been produced in a former life as well as in the present one. These ties need to be severed. The Higher Self has an overview over all [material] lives. It knows exactly which ties there are and cleverly brings them together.

You do not meet your brothers and sisters per chance on this earthly plane, or should it be plan–recognize in the word “plan”–that your Higher Self has prescribed the paths. Still, you have the free will to fulfill the plan, for instance, either to sever the ties or to leave them bound.

One thing is for certain, however, when a soul strives to come home, a l l ties must be loosened. The Higher Self and the soul know this. The human being often doesn’t recognize it, for the human thinks earthly, and by wanting to have and wanting to possess [certain material things] he is closely bound to his intellect, his mind, and does not place his mind enough times into his heart-sensation. Because of this, the soul and the Higher Self do not have the possibility to properly guide the human being. However, if the human being aligns with Me, JESUS CHRIST the LOVE, the path to the soul and to the Higher Self will become smooth and even, and it can be that you might see this Higher Self standing next to you, smiling, when the human being passes through his troubles, trembling angrily. The Higher Self smiles, and the soul is sad because it is not free. The human being buries himself in anger and rage or in his fears.

And here is where My teaching of love will step in. I once taught you the simple love for every stone at your feet, for the plant kingdom, for the animal kingdom, and the love for the nature beings, as well as the love for yourselves and for your fellow brothers and sisters. All are your brothers and sisters! Father and mother are brother and sister. The children are your brothers and sisters. You are the ones who bind yourselves to them, instead of being connected with them. All your emotions are a sign of bondage! Emotions are human or karmic ties.

The human being: is in the present of the event. The soul-substance is from the past and leading to the present, for everything that happens in the present has its root in the past.

I have taught you to let the past rise in the light of love–and you have done that, symbolically. However, by your thoughts and by your discussions I recognize that you have not yet turned over your past to the purifying flames of My and also your love–for you are created by love.

Time and again emotions from the past reach into the present and determine your actions, actions that are not conceived by love. Examine yourselves and recognize yourselves as wise! Once more, allow your emotions to come to the fore, yes, live them, but experience them with Me. Take My hand and my love will stream into you. Clear the way for the FATHER’S Son, for His Daughter and the Cosmic Love, of which you are all born in soul and human being, will stream forth from the Higher Self. The latter will loosen the ties within the soul, and in the human being the Higher Self will cause man’s anger, yes his rage to abate, turning to understanding and giving in order to set himself free.

What is matter? It is love-energy, which has been transformed to a lower level. Love is not transient. Everything you give away in love comes back to you as love: not only two-fold, not three-fold, but thousand-fold; and not immediately, sometimes it requires a modicum of patience, since your Higher Self examines your attitude, but by and by, the human being changes, cuts the ties, and the soul frees itself in order to minister on a cosmic level, in order to come into fulfillment and thereby also to come into the fullness of the Spirit, and in order to redeem your “yes.”

It is in that state, that the human being then serves the soul; for then few emotions will rise in him because the past is cleared up. Only now and again the shadows of negative characteristics will become visible, so that the human being can recognize that he must walk the earth in humility, that as human being he is in fact not GOD-LIKE, but that his Higher Self is the one which is GOD-LIKE, because the latter is born of HIM. The human being is then one with the soul in him, that is, when the soul is free and just upon fulfillment; then the human being is free as well. He no longer knows fears, worries, has no problems, for faith, trust and the greatest of all: LOVE, is his foundation. This foundation was built with Me, held by My power, by the power called Love and crowned by Mercy.

This development which I have just described to you takes patience with yourselves, with the human being. However, do not understand patience as: “Well, I will get there, eventually!” but realize that you must try hard, and your reaching out for My hand is asked for here. Other than that, I am asking you once again to accept your human being as he or she is at this moment, even with all the things from the past that still reach into the present, and to dissolve this past by and by, patiently and lovingly.

If I ask you–time and again–to live in the present, in the here and now, thereby resting in your golden middle, this plea is meant as a goal on which to keep your eyes steadfastly. It is a slight bit of excessive expectation of a teacher to his charge, so that the latter does not remain stagnant on his path. The fulfillment of this plea lies solely with your free will, which you received from the FATHER. My plea resounds in the cosmos. It is the call to you, the call on the spiritual level, not on the material one. This call has an admonishing effect upon the material level. However, it is meant for the Son, the Daughter of the FATHER, and for the Higher Self.

With a meditation I will now guide you from the human consciousness into the soul-consciousness and then into the consciousness of a Son, a Daughter of the FATHER. Follow Me with your sensations:

Place all burdensome things into a golden chalice, be they illness, worries, problems, ties, everything about which we have spoken. Place all these things into the golden chalice which, we imagine, is in the center of the room. It was I Who gave this chalice to you as a symbol, declaring that you can come to Me with everything that moves you.

Discard all your ties, all limitations, which you have put upon yourselves. Place your human being into the chalice as a whole! –

The human being is now quiet within himself, for he is lying in an ocean of infinity. Like sea horses in the sea, you are resting in love, in the infinity of My ocean; for love is no longer measurable, it is infinite, limitless. Your human body is enveloped by the waves of this ocean, and love flows through all cells of the body. Everything that makes you ill lies with this human being in the waves of the sea. You feel carried, safe.

Now, oh soul, you see the stillness, the calm of the human garment. You have thrown all the entanglements from the past upon the human being, because in you there was a longing for freedom. You are in this body clad in white. Only here and there are the spots of your voluntary burdens, everything else has already been given over to the human being.

Now come, oh soul! See, the human being is safe in the ocean of infinity! Withdraw your power! Take the same path you once took when you entered your body; now retrace this path until you are once again free of the earthly body, which is serving you here on this plane as your earthly garment. Draw your power out of your feet, out of your calves, the thighs, out of the pelvis, the consciousness center of Order, the consciousness center of the Will, of Wisdom, and Justice.

Calmly the human heart beats in the breath of GOD, the vivifying power of love. You withdraw from Patience, Love, and Mercy. By way of the back of the head, your crown, you have entered this earthly garment. Now, come and extend your hand to Me, unfold your being! come, you My sister, you My brother! Come! See, I guide you into freedom; for in your soul-garment you want to help Me transform all spheres that are not yet vibrating in a purely spiritual state. You see the shadows upon your white garment. Do not look at them, but see through them!

Light sparkles and radiates within you. This light breaks forth from this white garment. It by far outshines the greatness of your soul. It is the Son, the Daughter of the FATHER. Clear, light-filled pure love, kindness, powerful. The child who once stood before the FATHER’S throne and said: “FATHER, so be it. I will take on the soul, the human garment in order to help and so that the event in time and space may perfect itself. I want to help so that in the circle of Your love everything may once again become whole. The free will has tested and gone through everything that had to be tested and tried out, and so that it all returns to You as the lost son. I promise to help this lost son on his way back to you, oh FATHER!” - Be conscious of that!

You are now standing in the sanctum. Time and space is null and void. Before you, solemnly, the PRIMORDIAL FATHER places HIS hand upon the head of the ready child, as HE blesses him or her, but warns of the dangers. However, radiantly, and full of inner power, the child answers: “FATHER, I will.” In this freedom, the FATHER blesses His Son, His Daughter. The child leaves home, lives bliss and then goes into the depth, through the kingdoms of shadows to the kingdom of sorrow, need, oppression, problems, pain, even death.

Step by step the child puts on the soul garments as he or she walks through the individual levels. He or she is still in the soul-garment and looks over the earthly plane. Once more, he looks back. Oh soul, you feel melancholy now. It seems you are so infinitely far from pure light, and yet the light is within you. It is only the shadows of the garment wrapped about you that have you think you drew far away from Love, from Mercy, and Benevolence, that have you think you withdrew far from the pure, spiritual kingdom, and that you are about the make one last step now.

Here is a mother, and she is in contractions. For some time now, the soul knows that he will enter this small body. He knows about his fate, knows about his commission. Again the soul affirms this and gives love, the life to the child. At the moment of birth, the soul folds its body and gives over his consciousness into the hands of the FATHER as he enters the human body. The soul surrenders totally. The little being now cries and hollers, expressing thereby the sensation of the soul, which is this melancholy. Now he calms down, he smiles, and the sensations of the soul is reflected, which says “I have given my Yes and I am willing to go this path!”

That was your first incarnation. You have taken that route many more times. But now, oh soul, you have matured so that you can fulfill the commission to which you have said Yes in all its fullness. What does that mean, fullness? It means down to the last tittle: Now you are fully in your commission, in the unity with all who gave their Yes as well.

Now look back and briefly linger at the past of this present existence, and view all that, with which your human being is trying to burden you! You are irradiating the human being, you are standing before him. As of now, he is in the ocean of safety, not thinking, not surrendering. However, once awakened from the meditation, he will once again go his own way. Oh soul, powerfully the will pulsates to keep to the Yes you gave, transfer this power upon the human being now!

You are once again entering the earthly garment, the human being, who shall be your servant. From the level of Mercy, the eternally holy Mercy of GOD irradiates you, the Son, the Daughter, and connects with the consciousness center pulsating within the human being. The human being now senses the vibration as the latter rotates in clock fashion. He looks about and recognizes where Mercy is to be applied, may the Samaritan in the saddle be the example for you, oh man, as he tears up his coat in order to bind up the wounds of his injured fellow-brother and cares for him with loving kindness.

The FATHER’S power of Love streams into the consciousness center of Love by way of the pure child in you, oh soul, and the human being looks about in spirit. He sees where it is that love is lacking, where it is that he is not yet able to be Love in its purity. Love pulsates, Love wants to be lived by the human being. And it is Love that now radiates to all fellow-brothers and -sisters hoping for love from you, oh man, by way of the human being and by virtue of the Higher Self, which is one with GOD.

Patience pulsates now and fills you with forbearance and composure. Humbly, you oh man bow your head, recognizing how the divine power is resting within you, the FATHER’S Son, the Daughter in the earthly garment. All impatience is giving way. Humbly, the human being bows! He too recognizes Earnestness [level of Justice] and feels called by his name.

Oh man, recognize that everyone goes through the tests of his Higher Self during the gravity of this present time, so that the soul may enter into fulfillment outside of the realm of time and space. Let go, earnestly, of all your ties, oh man!

Draw from your inner wisdom, as everything is within you; for the spark of GOD, the heritage from the FATHER to HIS child cannot be separated from the totality. All is one! The child is one with the FATHER. The spark is one with the FATHER’S light, is one with Me, THE LOVE. There is no separation on the spiritual level. Therefore, the depth of Wisdom is within you, waiting to be developed. Oh man, you have a mind, link this mind with your heart-sensation, and you will enter into the Wisdom of your CREATOR and FATHER.

You recognize the Will of your Higher Self, which is one with the Will of the FATHER, because here, too, there is no separation, and you smile about yourselves, about your difficulties. You recognize that you still have to overcome a number of difficulties on the level of Order. You recognize, most of all that it is time to sever all ties.

Man, oh see, in your soul you are in unity with the SPIRIT! You separate and believe you are everything. However, without the soul and the spark of GOD within you, the heritage that is of HIM, you would not be able to take a single breath. Man, look about you!

If you now feel the power pulsating in you, which are life forces, look about and perceive creation, and recognize that everything relies on everything!

Everything fashions a unity and everything affects everything else! Every breath you take, oh man, affects your environment. You are light in midst of darkness, thus darkness becomes light. If you are love amid all this hatred and rage, hatred and rage will become love, step by step. If you are afraid for your health, walk in My footsteps. Accept everything and extend your hand to Me trustingly, and your fears will dissipate, oh man, because you feel safe in me, and powerfully your faith and trust will grow. If you have fears about your sustenance, you know that you have to fulfill your duties, but in the word fulfillment lies also the word fullness. From the fullness, oh man, I will give to you when you do your duties and when you give your ‘yes’ to fulfillment.

Pay attention to your bodies! Love them as they appear before you in the mirror. My beloved brothers and sisters in the earthly garment, I too wore this garment – look at it as a garment of honor . Ponder My words. Powerfully, My love pulsates. It is the same love that is also yours in your inner being.

My blessing is with you. Once again I remind you: Extend your hands to Me in your daily struggles so that I can take hold of them.


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