Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

The love for God
The path to mystical unification

49. Exercise

My love vibrates among you. My power has filled you, and My CREATOR-SPIRIT is effective in you. Extend your hands to one another, mentally, so that you may become self-sufficient instruments with Me, JESUS CHRIST, instruments in and of My love! You can be these even now, in the measure in which you actualize love and let it radiate out.

At every moment of your being you are My light-bearers, if you are in unity with GOD and therefore with the purely spiritual world. However, when you move in the world and when your thoughts are primarily aligned with it–seen from the human being’s vantage point–you remove yourselves from the light of My love. The soul then mourns and reflects this state of mourning into your human being, and the human being grows ill, for instance. This illness then helps him to come back to the path of light.

My faithful fold, today you have noticed what mighty, heavenly, sanctified power flows through you when you open yourselves for it. This was only the beginning. Like a hurricane, I want to take hold of you with My SPIRIT, so that you may truly be brightly and far shining lights and may illumine the earth’s atmosphere with your light. By virtue of My in-flowing love, you are, in the age of active transformation of this present matter, effective in more highly vibrating part-material spheres.

You are SPIRIT of the FATHER’S SPIRIT, and your heritage shall gradually be placed into your hands once again; for you entered into creation as free Sons and Daughters of the FATHER. You are His thoughts and GOD, the ETERNAL, reflects Himself in you. And it shall happen that He will rejoice in you, in everyone of His sons and daughters once again, for the son or daughter recognizes that he or she is not only the human garment. The child recognizes that this temporary condition is meant only to gain a number of different insights and recognition in order to lastly once again have part in the power of the sanctified heritage. This means to create in all eternity. This power is love. Therefore, I am this power, I JESUS CHRIST.

Truly, you will never be able to grasp the eternally holy truth with your human intellect. That is why I teach you again and again to accept one another; that you should keep what is good, and to lay aside what you do not understand. You cannot even grasp the next level, in which time and space no longer exists, a level in which Earth will vibrate someday. How could you understand the wisdom of the heavens?

So do not waste any thoughts. I will explain to you what you can understand in accordance with your consciousness. That is why I have suggested the daily journal to you. Even here it is said with the same spirit as the entire schooling: May everyone do as his heart dictates.

By the question and answer period, I am leading you into ever more profound consciousness, and those things that today you may not yet understand will be matter of fact for you by tomorrow.

See it similarly as the development of the last hundred years on this earth. Anyone celebrating his hundredth birthday here on this earthly globe still knows how this century had begun and how quickly it changed with its technology, leaving undecided, for the moment, whether technology is a blessing for mankind or not. Seen from the spiritual level, everything is a blessing; for mankind also expands his human consciousness and by the ability of his intellect, he is brought to the limits of science and recognizes, whenever he thinks to know everything, that he knows nothing. You are familiar with this saying. It came into being because your science has come to its limits and recognizes that doctrines, which had verity in the past, no longer have their validity, except for outer appearance, therefore, seemingly.

SPIRIT is flowing energy, SPIRIT is movement, and SPIRIT is never fixed or stagnant. Therefore, even the human brain moves in the direction of consciousness-expansion. Your children and even more so, your grandchildren will amaze you with new technologies and will at the same time confuse you with their questions. For it will be their task to raise up this Earth into higher vibration. You are the ones going ahead of them, the actual raising of Earth [to a higher level of vibration] will not happen fully, until about four or five generations from now. However, the day or hour only the FATHER alone knows. One or the other among you will incarnate on this earth once again, in spite of his or her decision not to do so when he or she was still in the human body. Nevertheless, he will be actively involved to help bring about the “Let there be a new Earth.”

You are the pioneers. I am initiating you into consciousness levels which are open only to a few of your brothers and sisters on earth. However, they are growing in numbers, and you will be amazed when you recognize that nothing is impossible in the unity of creation. Whatsoever you are preparing now will be completed by you, either here or in the spiritual realms, by helping your incarnated brothers and sisters; just as right now some of those who walked the same paths before you, are protecting you as you are completing their work.

In the SPIRITUAL REALM everything is in unity. Everyone fulfills that for which he or she has set out. It is truly insignificant, how great or how small your commission may be. For recognize in the allegory of a creation-timepiece, that the largest gear would not run if the smallest one would not turn! In the FATHER’S plan of creation everyone, has his or her duties. In eternity no one is placed higher than the others. There is no such thing in the spiritual kingdom, and that is how it should be among you. You are free children, and equal gifts are placed in the child’s hands, whether he or she is one of the firstlings, you know them by name, or those from the further course of the eons, the billionth among the children of GOD. He or she is no less worthy, for the FATHER is a just FATHER, and every child is equal before Him, the ALL-ONE.

The human being confuses tasks to mean hierarchies. That is not how it is in the purely spiritual spheres. That is how man thinks and you, my faithful ones, should ban such thoughts from your being! There are only instruments. Recognize the distinction, even in the word “instrument!” Of course, the FATHER, in the unity with Me, can “play” the entire spherical music upon the instrument, but not if and as long as the instrument is still in the human garment. For there, he cannot achieve such lofty consciousness. Had he or she developed the consciousness within him to be one with GOD the FATHER, he would say: “It is finished!” He would bow his head and discard the earthly garment.

Recognize that you are being lead by way of humility, time and again. This humility is so difficult to live. Haughtiness lurks everywhere on this earthly globe; for it originates from the fall, from wanting to be more than another, wanting to be like GOD. To claim of oneself–here in the earthly garment–to be in unity with HIM, causes the claimant to be on the verge of falling; for the human being knows that he or she is nothing; that he or she is limited because he is three-dimensional, and that he does not know what kinds of learning experiences his brothers are making; yet, he constantly attempts to judge them. The human being is not aware of how many times he falls during the day.

So, what does it mean when I teach you to be in unity with GOD, the FATHER, and therefore with Me, His love become man? It means that you should go through your days by living in the moment! This does not mean that by living in the moment you automatically attain divine consciousness. Rather, the human being comes nearer to his or her own soul by living in the moment, neither seeking to dig about in the past, especially trying to look for excuses for being what he or she is today and no different; nor thinking ahead, to the future. Instead he or she should live in the here and now, in the “I am in your present, oh FATHER.” For at that moment the human being is one with his or her soul, and the sensations of the soul flow through the ‘human being’ and through the consciousness that the soul has developed.

However, this consciousness is still limited. Recognize! If the soul had attained divine consciousness, he would have freed himself of all shadows, those he chose to put on himself for the purpose of coming to Earth in a ministering capacity. And not only that: The soul’s longing [for GOD] would be so great that it would no longer be able to bear its earthly garment. That is why a spiritual child goes down to the depth step by step, and with every one of the 49 levels the FATHER, in His mercy and kindness, places another veil upon the child. The soul, the former pure spiritual child, the Son or Daughter of the FATHER, had given his or her ‘yes’ to the walk down into the depths and thereby also the ‘yes’ for receiving the individual covering of each sphere.

Nevertheless, My faithful fold, now a time has begun when this planet and the entire sun system–and you cannot fathom what that means–is to be raised into the next higher vibration. You are at the beginning of that era. Its turning point has already begun. Even if the complete home-bringing to the purely spiritual level will still take eons–measured by human measure–verily, I say unto you that time as you know it no longer exists as soon as the level of DIVINE WILL is reached. Even though there is still some sense of time, it is of a different property than that on Earth; for your bodies no longer need the nightly rest, because they already are of spiritual nature.

Step by step we will all raise matter together, until it has once again attained its pure primordial condition. All that which is of material substance will dissolve and become part of PRIMORDIAL DIVINE ENERGY, all except this planet. It will remain and transform to higher vibration step by step in order to reclaim its place next to the FATHER’S sovereign Primordial Central Sun. All other matter will pass away. Everything that is not purely spiritual will be transformed, through you, into pure creation-energy once again. At the same time it is the inhalation of the FATHER, and with His exhalation He gives back to HIS children this creation-energy anew so that, in the pure heavens, they may continue to create and fashion in all eternity, for GOD THE ETERNAL is unlimited, as well as HIS children.

Everything is in HIM, and nothing is outside of HIM. Whatsoever seemingly separated itself from HIM is still in HIM, for everything is His SPIRIT. Here, the human being thinks in terms of persons and tends to divide, yet everything is all one. Since there is nothing outside of GOD, everything is GOD. Within this DIVINE SPIRIT His children are active, building space and time and once again dissolving them.

My faithful ones, I want to guide every single one of you into this deeper wisdom, for every one of you is an individual child of the FATHER, a particular son, a particular daughter. Just as no blossom is identical with the next, none of the FATHER’S children are identical with each other. Even though a pair complements each other and becomes a duality, but even here the human being is thinking in human terms; for this pair is in reality one. Here you can see that even though the duality can separate into the female seraph and the male cherub, yet they are one. So why should GOD NOT REVEAL Himself to his children in love, in His Son? Here too, man makes a distinction, and yet it is one and the same.

When you walk at my hand through your inner spheres, you recognize your thought patterns, coming from former incarnations, whereby it is important not to remain in these patterns but to strive to allow the past to rise up like a searing flame to the heavens in one moment, to give up the past, to let it consume itself, no longer to exist.

Whatever may have been in the past is meant only as light of recognition and as fire of purification in the here and now.

If you remain in the past for too long, you will mould your present anew, in your sensations and thoughts. In addition, if you think into the future for too long, you will, of course, mould your tomorrow. For all of your thoughts are creative forces, are creative energies that impel you to actualize them.

Consider My words carefully! How many of your thoughts are still [orbiting you] occupying you, wanting to be actualized? At the same time you are given the power and grace to dissolve these thought-energies, to transform them to light-filled energies, which are active in the here and now, in GOD’S present. And from this present, you are even now actively helping to loosen all that is still bound, beginning with yourselves.

Recognize all the many small shackles you have put upon yourselves still! About them, as well, I want to speak with you, with each of you individually, want to give you pointers by gently asking you questions. Awaken to My “I AM the Well-spring in you,” and have faith in Me. Your intellect may still fool you from time to time, but did I not lead you here thus far? And so I will guide you by way of your intellect and will show you whenever it still interferes; for as long as you are in My training program, I will hold My hand over you protectively and will lead you by way of your mistakes, your weaknesses, your opinions and conceptions; and [I will do] all that as long as you bow before GOD in deep humility, as well as before everyone of your neighbors, yes before the entire creation. Given all that, you are under My protection, and I will help you when your conceptions and opinions reflect into [your discourse], so that you can still rectify it.

In the beginning of [My giving you] the word, it is meant for you alone, and you will notice My intensive guidance whenever you give yourselves to it. Later, when you are commissioned as My fully conscious instruments, may My warnings of today resound in you, time and again. As long as you are humble before GOD, your FATHER, before every one of your neighbors and before the entire creation, I am with you, helping and protecting you. For then you are also in the will of the FATHER.

However, when you raise your hand against creation, against your neighbor, even against GOD, you are acting out of willfulness, and I will have to withdraw My protection for you, because the child, the son, the daughter acted out of his or her own volition, his or her own free will, which may the Spirit may not override, by this I mean the pure SPIRIT.

However, some interference may come from the low levels, from those who do not respect the pure law of GOD, and one or the other [impure] thing may very well be brought into the mind of a haughty person [trying to receive the word of God], for in that case the law of the FATHER, which respects the free will of the person, was not heeded.

Therefore, remain humble with all of your hearts, and walk on with Me with glad hearts on the path we have begun, which will sanctify you as instrument of the SPIRIT.

My blessing is with each and every one of you. When you leave community today, take unity with you in your inner being and Me, as the Source in you; I AM in every single one of you the living Love, the Water of Life!


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