Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

The love for God
The path to mystical unification

43. Exercise

My beloved friends, I, JESUS CHRIST, am among you and initiate you into the secrets of creation; for you shall become one with the elements. Furthermore, man and soul shall grow together into unity and thus serve Me.

Your human body is of this earth, and you speak of “Mother Earth”, to whom you all send love. I will now guide you more deeply into the motherliness of GOD. Recognize, however, that the lofty word of light is being transformed down to your level of mind, which can therefore only represent a “fathoming” of the true events!

The SPIRIT of GOD hovered over the waters, resting within Itself. Those sensations which had not yet formed into thoughts of creation were present in all eternity, therefore, including you. There is nothing outside of this SPIRIT, neither before creation nor after the same, for in the SPIRIT there is no time, there is no beginning and no end. In the SPIRIT the MATERNAL and the PATERNAL principles are united. Both are always in unity and never separated.

The SPIRIT hovered over the waters, and the very fateful Word, “Let there be light!” had not yet been spoken; for contained within these mighty words was that force of opposition, the darkness.

However, since the sensations of the SPIRIT were impelling the SPIRIT to entertain thoughts of creation, since the ETERNALLY-ALL-ONE [GOD] wished to reflect Himself in His creation, in His Love, He in His Wisdom brought forth the event of “Let there be light!” And He knew that the separation of light and darkness would eventually also bring forth a separation of His creation, at least for a certain time. However, this event, this separation would never be a separation outside of Him; for there is nothing apart from the SPIRIT OF GOD.

And so the SPIRIT beheld the MATERNAL PRINCIPLE and faced HIMSELF, saying: “I AM darkness in the light. When I give My thoughts of creation form, when I call My children to life and give these My children free will, I will sojourn through the depths of darkness in My MATERNAL Aspect in Me, in order to give My children the gift of free will.”

Let me explain this to you more fully:





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With incomprehensible and immeasurable love the divine SPIRIT beheld His thoughts that had not yet been shaped. Only by His love, which is the creator-impulse, could the thoughts of the PATERNAL/MATERNAL SPIRIT beget themselves into the MATERNAL SPIRIT and could develop and enter creation, only through the Love that I AM. Without love, without Me, the first-seen and first-born Son, Who Am ONE with the PATERNAL/MATERNAL SPIRIT, there would be no creation, for I called it into life. Through Me the Creator-Power, creation will exist in all eternity. This creator-power that I AM is at the same time the PATERNAL LAW of DIVINE ORDER, WILL, WISDOM, and JUSTICE. That is why I AM the SON.

GOD’S children were given their freedom out of Love, which is one aspect of the MATERNAL SPIRIT, as the DIVINE SPIRIT wanted to reflect HIMSELF in His children in their freedom, with all His Natures and Characteristics. Therefore, the DIVINE SPIRIT passed on to His children a sacred heritage, that is, a substantial part of His creator-power that I AM in you.

When the child of GOD calls forth creations in unity with Me, THE LOVE, he or she rests in the law of the SPIRIT. However, due to his or her freedom, the child also has the possibility to bring forth creations that are not in unity with Me and that also do not vibrate in the DIVINE Law. These creations can, however, be converted through His children to lawfulness, by their prudent reasoning and recognition and by turning to the Love, thereby recognizing the spiritual law-abiding steps and transforming these creations into spiritually love-irradiated ones.

In his MATERNAL aspect, the DIVINE SPIRIT journeys through His children’s test of free will. Simultaneously, HE placed into His children’s hands the power to transform back into the LAW all that, which has turned away from the LOVE and was not created in accordance with the law-abiding principles.

The eternal SPIRIT said: “Let there be light!”–And there was light and at the same time darkness. He called all His created children, all parts of HIMSELF, by their name and gave them their free will, the freedom of the GODHEAD. When He sent Sadhana, the first-created female principle originating from His MATERNAL Principle, away from Himself, away from the ALL-SPIRIT [or: COSMIC SPIRIT], the PRIMORDIAL-CENTRAL LIGHT, He gave to His child a part of His Wisdom, Patience, Love and Mercy. By “away from” Himself’ is not meant a separation, for I repeat, everything always vibrates in the one SPIRIT.

He placed a lovely planet, Earth, into Sadhana’s hands. In the purely spiritual creation, this planet is placed on the left side of the Primordial Central Sun. Just as in the eternally holy Throne Room, Sadhana has her place at GOD’S left side for all eternity. Father and Mother are one and also the created children, which all bear the MATERNAL and PATERNAL aspects, for in the SPIRIT they are one and they are duals. However, because of their test of free will, all created children were given the freedom to draw from the well in order to be creative, individually and in the law of love, or to work against it.

Sadhana fell. She wanted to be more. She did not recognize the unity of the MATERNAL and PATERNAL SPIRIT. She revolted against the law-abiding principles of the creator-love, that I, JESUS CHRIST AM, and she opposed Me. She spoke the word ‘I’ and addressed GOD, THE FATHER with ‘You’.

Since her power came from the eternally holy SPIRIT, she was immeasurably mighty. She raised herself up and executed the separation. What, however, separated itself in this? SPIRIT from SPIRIT!

It is the SPIRIT of GOD, who–through SADHANA–passes through the depths of darkness in order to transform–again, through her–all those who had come with her, in order to transform this darkness into eternally radiating light. For after the opposing principles of light and darkness have finally been recognized, there will no longer be any need for the darkness; for in all eternity, this aspect of time and space will be present to the child-creations, just as it has always been present to GOD, the SPIRIT.

When Sadhana fell, she had to relinquish a part of her power. Subsequently, she could no longer hold herself [in heaven], and thus her power immersed itself in the planet Earth. From the MATERNAL ASPECT, Earth simultaneously was richly blessed by patience, the events of time in the eon cycle, by love, which reveals itself in the law-abiding courses of creation, and by mercy, the forgiving and all-healing grace of GOD. And besides that, My CREATOR-LOVE flowed to all earthly brothers and sisters and to the souls in the purification spheres as a strengthening power for their return [to heaven].

This, your Earth, also contains a part of the DIVINE MATERNAL ASPECT and the spiritual power of the first-born daughter. In the course of the transformation of this planet into its original spiritual form of being, and by the return of all brothers and sisters, Sadhana will receive back her spiritual power, her heritage.

My beloved brothers and sisters, now you know why I, JESUS CHRIST, the Creator-power, the Love, stepped upon Earth, and why it is grace for you all to walk this planet.

Is this, your Earth, not also Mother? Do its waters not quench your thirst, not heal you? Why are often light-filled beings with white garments and blue mantels observed near such grace-filled healing wells? Blue is the color of wisdom, white is the love–and the form of such beings shines in a circle of golden light, it is that of mercy, and sometimes with the moon as sickle at their feet. The moon, shining silvery, symbolizes here the MATERNAL patience as well as the soul of the Earth.

Man believes to recognize My earthly mother Mary in these light-filled beings. Since there is only unity in SPIRIT and never separation, this belief is not entirely wrong, since My earthly mother, the angel of Mercy in the spiritual levels called ‘PURA,’ is in the pure heavens substituting for the MOTHER, until the MATERNAL part-aspect, the daughter, SADHANA, has returned.

SPIRIT is pure! SPIRIT is incorruptible! SPIRIT vibrates throughout your planet Earth. It is the SPIRIT, which symbolizes patience in the rock formations, the mountains ranges; the Spirit which suffers with unending patience the course of the eons so that the children can live through all experiences of freedom; the SPIRIT that shows itself in the love of the plant-world; it is the same plant-world that gives you life and nourishment. It is the SPIRIT that ministers to you in the love of animals, with which you live in symbiosis (bacteria, for instance) without realizing it. It is the same SPIRIT that aids you mercifully by giving you healing wellsprings, healing plants, yes, even by giving you the healing soil, which is placed upon the wounds of a child.

Your bodies are of this earth: the flesh becoming dust, the bones are the rock and the blood being of water. This selfsame body is turned over to the earth again, for as it was taken from the earth, thus it returns to the earth.

My beloved friends, My words to you will resound for some time, as they have shown you an aspect, which thus far you had not recognized. With your heart’s sensations you know that this fathoming, which I imparted to you today, is the path that will lead you more deeply into the mystery of creation.

If you are willing, I will take every single one of you by the hand, and I will guide you all individually. Your mind will examine My words and with your mind you will recognize that everything lies in GOD, the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. HE, the ALL-ONE, truly journeys this earthly globe–through Sadhana and the cause of the fall, and by this through every one of you; and He does so in His MATERNAL aspect. And that is why the way back is through recognition that comes from wisdom and also from the love that is lived.

Through love, My brothers and sisters, your are helping to bring SADHANA, which means GOD’S loveliness, and the entire fall-creation, into higher vibration so that ultimately everything will once again move in the vibration of the purest heavens. Your planet Earth shall then reclaim its place, at the left side, and SADHANA, the first-born Daughter, shall reunite in purity with the MATERNAL-PATERNAL SPIRIT.

So love this, our mother, Earth. Minister to it and in your perfect love the creator-power will grow. Consequently, all these disquiet thoughts, which buzz about you like mosquitoes, will become orderly and powerful impulses, which will intervene on this earth and bring it into higher vibration.

You are not aware of this power! As your heritage, you bear within you the FATHER’S Natures. They are: Order, Will, Wisdom, Justice and thereby the Law, as well as the MOTHER’S Characteristics, which are Patience, Love, and Mercy.

The Earth awaits impending rebirth. You are all together included in this birth, and you too are active, not passive. In this activity, you are walking in the present with and of My power, That I AM, THE LOVE THAT BECAME MAN, born of the PATERNAL AND MATERNAL aspect. Simultaneously, I am THE CREATOR-POWER, in you as well, and I work with and through you, so that the sixth day of creation may be fulfilled and the children may jubilate, full of joy: “Hosanna, it is finished!”

My beloved, let My creator-power take hold of you completely, and look about in the world around you. It is in need of the creator-power! Let it flow through you! Open your hands–the left one as it receives and the right one as it gives! Do not be afraid if your body vibrates, for by the love for GOD and for His creation, your mother Earth, man and soul become united, and in this unity the breath of GOD is given unto you, as much as you are capable of receiving it! I am guiding you.

The blessing is with you! The Light is victorious!


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