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38. Exercise

My beloved friends, we are together on a mountain hike making a brief rest now, during which we will gather new strength. And we will also look back on the way we have walked thus far. I, your mountain guide, am with you; and I am giving you–spiritually–a refreshing drink. I am breaking My bread with you and My blessing power flows in each one of you.

You are gazing at the steep cliffs you have overcome. You see your fellow-climbers, for whom you are waiting–symbolically speaking–together with Me; for all together we want to reach the summit, our goal. In a camaraderie that is based on love, every one helps everyone else: One for all and all for one. If someone stays back a bit because the way at that moment seems just a little hard, all others help, mentally/spiritually so that this cliff can be overcome or at least gone around.

And so the love-power, which I have given to you with the water of life, streams from you to all your fellow-climbers, to all those that are with you on the mountain path at your right and left, no matter where you are presently in your life. From where you stand, you see the difficulties that your co-climbers still have to overcome. However, see, in order to reach the summit there is always more than one path. And the most steep path may bring you to your goal more quickly, but a spiraling detour also leads home–on easier paths!

Since you’ve placed your hands into Mine you’ve promised your support and help to all those who are all around you as your partners, your children, your friends and acquaintances. Even if there are difficulties between you that beg to be dissolved, it is they who I trustingly let cross your paths or let accompany you on your way. I also trust that you are ready to help carry their burden, because you had promised it.

Seen from your human vantage point, all your shared experiences are your own weaknesses and cliffs, which you should outgrow in this brief resting phase. For when you look upward toward the goal you will recognize that your steps must now be surer and more deliberate, since the climb takes place on a narrow crest, which I have already disclosed. In fact, you are so sure that you will even continue on in the thickest of fog, knowing that I am holding on to you.

Don’t cling to your human foibles, do not look at your neighbor, telling him all about his difficulties, but seek to find your reflection in all things that happen!

I am at your side in order to guide you through this time of rest, for which I have strengthened you. For see, if you did not learn to bow in deepest humility before your brothers and sisters, how can you be My powerful instruments of love?

Humility closes your aura. If you are in the right frame of the humility of the heart, nothing can enter into you, for there is nothing else that will find resonance in you. However, do not mistake this highly spiritual state with a human version, that is, to close yourselves off to your neighbor!

You can also act like a defiant child, who acts similar as with autism, by closing himself to the outside world, repelling everything, because this child does not want to learn on the way. As you all know, autism is an illness, and many a soul that had closed himself off to others in previous incarnations by crawling in his own shell, just so that he wouldn’t have to listen to anyone or anything, shackled his soul so much that a few incarnations later the soul had great difficulties in making contact with the outside world, his fellow-man. Before the illness of autism sets in, there is always the withdrawal, the not-wanting-to-accept, not-wanting-to-bow-in-humility.

However, if you are irradiated and permeated by My love, ready to stretch out your human ego on the cross, then your inner light will radiate far beyond yourselves and will at the same time fashion a protective mantel against all negative influences. Then, in the unity with Me, you can pass through the darkest spheres and from you will stream love and only love, whenever hatred, scorn, and spiteful rancorous laughter greets you. Before reaching this state, many tests are required while you are in the earthly garment. These tests, dear brothers and sisters, are your neighbors through whom I am operating, truly and verily, in order to show you the mirror of your haughtiness, so that you will not later stumble in the darkness and so that you can face the scorn and derision steadfastly.

Oh see, there will be times when you will stand there like a rock in the surf! All about you the earth is in transformation and everything is transforming itself, and whatever does not want to transform itself will rebel. You will then be flooded by light, full of trust and faith, and your brothers and sisters will stand before you, ready to pick up the stones in order to throw them at you, with the words: “Where is your GOD Who allows all this? How do you dare to believe in a higher power, which tortures us so?” Will you be able, irradiated by My light, to face your brothers and sisters steadfastly, no matter whether a stone hits you or not? Will you be able to accept everything that brews in a roaring and frenzied crowd, in total opposition to you?

I say unto you, just as I stood at Golgotha, and nobody could have harmed Me, if I hadn’t placed my will totally in the will of the FATHER, knowing that what happened had to happen, so nothing that is not supposed to happen will happen to you.

In these times miracle after miracle will surge through the earth, for the one that lifts up the stone will not be able to throw it; the one carrying a stick in order to beat you will not be able to beat you with it; those aiming their guns in order to shoot will not be able to do so. For the light of love will flood your fellow-man with such force, that they are carried off by this love and cannot help being lifted into the transformation, if they feel even a spark of love within them, even if this love is only based on the longing to possess a small part of your faith and trust in the future. Already they are helped through you.

Yet this power can only stream through you, can only cause healing, can only transform the creation that has sunk unto the bottom if you, My faithful students, have willingly stretched out your ‘human being’ on the wooden cross and have humbly bowed in love before all of your brothers and sisters, no matter how they have conducted themselves toward you.

I look into your hearts and know about your thoughts. I will take an example from today’s discussion:

Are you the actors or is it your fellow-human beings and you are being played and thrown back and forth like a ball? If you, My beloved, link with me you will change your role of the one that is being played to the player; from being driven into ever newer difficulties to being the actor who gets through his difficulties with Me and My power and uses this power to dissolve them.

What is My power? My power is love, not your humanly understood love but a love that understands his neighbor based on your own experiences, a love that has empathy, yet sets boundaries with kindness, which have to be set so that your neighbor might progress on his path to the light, instead of entangling himself yet deeper in the maelstrom of pointing the finger and dispatching blame and guilt.

It is only one of many possible examples. Unified with Me you possess this love-power for your neighbor, that is, to meet him humbly yet with firm steps, lovingly yet determined to bear responsibility as My disciple, whom I have called and who willingly places his or her weaknesses upon the altar of love in order to emerge strengthened by it.

I too had to make a decision, and you must make decisions as well, time and again. Every second and at every moment you are put before the decision: Either for Me, for the Light, for JESUS CHRIST, for the victory of “There shall be a new heaven and a new earth,” or for complacency, for letting yourselves go and thus remaining in gray, if not to say, dark spheres.

How did I say it? “I will spit the lukewarm ones out of My mouth.” You can read about it. However, this word does not mean that I send you away from Me, but that you choose the more comfortable path, which allows you to remain in the oh so beautiful world while separating yourself from your true Self.

That is why there are My tests, tests that in actuality you put upon yourselves. For when your soul gazed upon its upcoming life, it consciously chose certain stations that would help in fulfilling its commission.

As I have already explained to you: The human being has a partial free will. He or she can still avoid this or that station, but some day there will no longer be the opportunity of avoidance. Some day this beautiful world–by this I mean all the glitter and the hollow power of this earth– will seem gray and all a sham. Then you will look for your comrades on the mountain path, and full of longing you will gaze upward, along the climbing rope–symbolically speaking–up the mountainous cliff. And on the top you see a community awaiting you, which draws you up and helps you until you’ve made our connection once again and can fulfill your actual mission.

That is the parable of the workers in My vineyard. But beware and don’t be tempted to think: “I still have time to make up my mind;” for see, you do not know for how long your soul has been impelling you, only I know it and therefore GOD, the FATHER. In the earthly garment you do not know when the soul will say “It is enough, I have had it.”

[Do you] want to start at the beginning once more? [Do you want to live through] all the human things one more time? To be an infant yet one more time, totally delivered to outer circumstances? Why, My friends, not grasp the climbing rope with both hands, here and right now, and continue on after a brief rest, together with all the others? It is because the rope has only a certain length. See in this the symbolism! Your brother or sister, whosoever may be connected with you, has to his or her disposal only a certain length of rope, and it is up to you to help even out the differences. Everyone will finally reach the goal, but how he reaches it depends on every individual.

Think wisely about My words! My joy is with you. Once again I extend to you the chalice with the water of life. Receive it symbolically and drink of it! Once again I give to you the bread as spiritual nourishment. Eat of it and feel its strengthening, which I too received when I accepted the cup on the Mount of Olives!

Every one of you is free to share this cup with Me, free to walk with Me to perfection. I bless you, My beloved, here and everywhere, you who promised to be light and who are light already.


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