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36. Exercise

My beloved friends, My brothers, My sisters, I, JESUS CHRIST, go all the paths with you at your side, and often I give you words of understanding beforehand for the things that come toward you.

For this reason I ask you to let My words come alive in you, not only to hear them as a sound in this earthly world, but to inscribe them in your hearts, so that you may think of them at a time of trial and test. [They are] trials that are given unto you by your Higher Self, which is longing for the light of eternity and wants to return to it. By way of the instrument ‘man’ the soul perfects itself by and by.

I understand you with all your human emotions. I allowed it to happen, that My teachings of love were recorded in the book of books, even though, as I have emphasized many times, this and the other thing were either left out or added on. Still, from the traditional writ you recognize that I, as JESUS, was a human being, just as you are human beings, saddled with all your emotions, feelings, and all those things with which you are still struggling and fighting.

Understand that I cannot and may not ever tell you to go this or the other path, due to your free will! That is why I choose words, often way ahead of time, which can then be helpful for you at a given time.

As JESUS, I too cried. As JESUS, I too had worries. Just think about how I took the news about My friend Lazarus when he had changed levels. I, THE LOVE BECOME MAN, cried, because at that moment I was not aware of My greatness, just like you. You too do not realize your greatness. Even when you worry about your children, you do not–at that moment–consider that your children are in reality children of the MOST HIGH, equipped with His power and glory, and bearing His heritage.

No matter what paths your children walk here in the earthly level, you as human beings only look to this one level, without beholding the soul or spiritual level. You act as I in JESUS have acted. However, the story told to you goes further: I cried because My friend was no longer here; for Me as human being he was no longer visible. But then I became aware of My power, and I gazed into the FATHER’S Will within Me; and I recognized that there is no death and that the seeming death is only a mirage of the earthly level. And I went and commanded the body to once again receive its soul. I healed the decayed flesh, and My friend was given back to Me and to all.

What does the message want to tell you? GOD in Me has granted this miracle, and this miracle was transmitted to you via the written word, so that you will recognize that the omnipotence of GOD is above all things. In reality, what is it that decays? It is SPIRIT, which is in the process of transforming itself. Everything is SPIRIT! What is it that causes your children to tread paths that worry you, even frighten you? It is the soul, which is trying to transform itself to a higher level; it is the compelling SPIRIT within the soul.

Consider My mother in the earthly garment, when she looked at the path of her son: He could have learned a respectable job and he did learn one. He could have been loved by all and honored; instead he wandered about the street as an insurgent, covered by dust. He affronted those who, according to the people, honored GOD, that is, the scribes and those affiliated with the temple. Snakes and asps, he called them. My mother saw what had to come, for she recognized the strong hand of the mighty, and she knew that her son sooner or later would have to go a painful path.

When she conceived Me, she was told: “You are carrying within you the Son of GOD.” However, when the ‘human being’ carried the little one under her heart and gave birth, he was her child, her son. And she felt all the things mothers feel when they accompany their children through life, who want only the best for them, no matter how they act. And so, think of My mother, called ‘Mary’ in the earthly garment, when you are worried and fearful.

Since in the SPIRIT there is only unity and no separation between the spirit beings, you can also come to the Angel of Mercy, Pura, called Mary in the earthly garment. And you will find consolation and strength in your worries and fears. From the level of Mercy, understanding streams toward you and–and this is very important–a higher understanding for the path your children choose, even if this path is ever so difficult.

To make the step from the human level to the soul level is not easy for a mother in the earthly garment, when she sees and believes that the child, even though he or she is an adult, is nearing a precipice. It is understandable that a mother tries to keep her child from harm, the same child she carried under her heart. She would rather go down the precipice herself than to let her child fall. However, My beloved friends, that is not the way of love, which grows beyond the humanness. For what are your children? Your children are your extended ego, and when you finally learn to let your children go free, either with My help or with the help of the angels of Mercy, and place them into the FATHER’S hands, truly from within, only then will they go the paths they want to go and should go, by their own free will.

As long as you are fathers and mothers to them, as long as your ties to them are too strong, you will have your hands in determining their paths, for unconsciously you are interfering in the paths of your children. Your expectations and your conceptions all but force your children to take this or that path. What I have just told you is to be seen from the spiritual view. Move My words about in your hearts, and see behind them also My loving understanding for your worries, as well My admonishment!

My beloved sheep, give your children their freedom! However, by this I mean not only your children but your partners as well . [Also, I do not mean] the outer freedom but the inner freedom! How much do you still exact your influence on the path of your neighbor? And let me go one step further, how much do you still–even if unconsciously–exact your influence on the paths of your acquaintances? By the conceptions and opinions you have about them, you impel them to go in a certain direction. If the receiver of your thought-power, which issues from conceptions and opinions, is weak, that is, if he in no way fights the onslaught of your thoughts, you are forcing your path upon him or her.

I am teaching you about the might and power of thoughts. Time and again I have spoken about it and, still, you are not yet fully conscious of what your thoughts can accomplish. You, too, are sometimes doing things that do not come from your will alone, but were [thought-] implants. This has to do with the levels of vibration. You are receivers of vibrations, but at the same time you are senders of vibrations. For instance, if you have aligned with a certain vibration, not really wanting to act out anything yet, perhaps you were only thinking about doing something, you have come to a wavelength of a sender, which influences you to act out a certain deed.

You are not on this planet as a singular individual, but are part of a network, connected, as I have told you, with nature, with creation, as well as with your fellow-man, with every single one. Therefore, My faithful ones, [I bring] My teaching of love to all of you! For if your sensations, thoughts and words are carried by the power of love, your actions, too, will be based on love. And then you are in the level of love-vibration, from where the radiation of the angels and guardian spirits is then effected. In this level of vibration all spirits serving you are good spirits, be it angels or the nature spirits serving in love. And thus you are at the same time protected from the vibrations of a base kind.

And now I will change the topic and will speak about vibrations of the base kind. If you, My faithful ones, are progressing on the path of love, it will be among other things your task to help those who are lingering in the earthly spheres and are not able to release themselves from it, as it was discussed at the beginning of the evening. It is indeed a wonderful task, for they can see you but do not see the light, as they close their eyes to it. However, you can help them see the light, by your prayers and by your love.

When you, My faithful ones, vibrate in love you are in My protection and therefore in the protection of the purely spiritual world. In this protection you can walk through the deepest depths, where your brothers and sisters are who are still exploring the darkness, and not one hair on your head will be moved. Love knows no fear. I repeat: “Love, true love knows no fear!” Fear is a vibration of the earth’s sphere. Fear makes you vulnerable, fear transfers to your neighbor, whether he or she is in the sphere that is still invisible for you or whether it is your fellow-man round about you. Love streams to all. Love knows that GOD the FATHER will carry His child home; love knows that I will place My sheep upon My shoulders, the sheep that has gotten caught up in thorny briars, and that I will carry it up to the light of eternity, into the light of home.

If fears are still moving you, then I have empathy for this as well; for I as JESUS have struggled and fought with My fears. Let Me remind you of the night on the Mount of Olives, though it was not only that one night. Many occasions were not transmitted to you, where I had wrung My hands and was consumed with fear, for the things that were upon Me, that were placed on My shoulders, upon Me, the human being JESUS. I too spent hours in despair, I too was quarreling [with the FATHER]. I too said, “Why ME?” You see, I was man and the DIVINE in Me was covered over, just as GOD is in you, and you are not conscious of it. It was the same with Me. I STRUGGLED THROUGH IT, and you too will struggle through it.

With My power that is here for you, with My love that carries you and with the mercy that lays about you its mantel and envelops you, I say: “Oh sister/brother in the earthly garment, how well I understand you. Power and strength streams to you when you let GOD’S Will be done, when your prayer is not a leading plea, but when you bow in deep humility and when you say: “FATHER, may Your will be done! I can only ask in my inability to understand the deeper correlations. Yet FATHER, Your will be done.”

Always put GOD’S Will in the forefront, whenever you want to help your brothers and sisters who are still bound to the earth’s sphere in their soul garment. At the very moment you want something or wish to accomplish something, you are no longer in a state of humility. When you believe, now you can help these poorest of the poor, you are enmeshed in fall-thoughts and are nearing the vibration of these earth-bound souls. That is the reason why many people who, out of their good will want to help, but then are no longer able to come free of these souls. They have neglected to let GOD’S WILL rule all things, instead of simply seeing themselves as instruments of His pervasive will , which is effective lovingly.

My beloved friends, My sheep, once more I say, move My words in your hearts! Do not simply let them fade away, but may they be inscribed in you so that they may help you at the time you need them. My power, My love, and My blessing are with each and every one of you, are with all My children!


I, Pura, called Mary in the earthly garment, am among you and with you. When you call us, we are allowed to help you. When you are in the vibration of love, we can help you at any time. Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD, for then the fullness, everything that is in the will of the FATHER, is given unto you! Sense more and more the unity of love! We, your sisters and brothers of the light are standing ready to help you whenever it is allowed. For you have your free will, and we respect it. So feel safe! Accept our outstretched hands, and the love of the FATHER can stream to you and your neighbor, through us. You are light bearers, and when you are conscious of this task, the light will radiate in your surroundings. So we are with you and I Pura, bless you from the level of the FATHER’S Mercy. All our love is with you!


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