Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

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32. Exercise

My beloved students, I JESUS CHRIST, greet you. The joy of the heavens is with every single one of you. You are trying, with all of your hearts, and yet every one of you is going his or her personal and own path to GOD via Earth, and I am going with you.

You are living through many different phases on the way home to eternity, phases, which I as JESUS went through also. I too had doubts about My mission, which was inscribed in My heart. I too did not consider Myself good enough to speak in front of the scribes, because I came from the simple people whose language was not so powerful. I too often ran away from Myself into the desert in order to find Myself again. I have cried, begged, was on My knees, and prayed, “Oh FATHER in heaven, help Me, stand by Me!” I have gone the way to the end, and you too will go it, with My help and by My power, and you will finish the path of love in the light of eternity.

Looking back to your youth, all your dreams have been reawakened, all those that you had then about your future lives. Verily, you wanted to take the stars down from the sky, you wanted to accomplish something great in the life that lay before you, so that the entire world–I am emphasizing the word “world”– could be proud of you.

You wanted to set yourselves apart from the daily routine. You wanted to be free, because the soul reflected its longings into your human being. In your youth, the soul-forces were not yet so buried as they sometimes are in your present age. That is the reason for your longings. All the things you did not accomplish in the past incarnations have come into your human consciousness at this time, by way of your soul. Your life lay [again] ahead of you and this time, you resolved to yourself, ‘I will do it,’ and the human being tried to reach for the stars.

However, My beloved students, the stars are at your very feet. Not in the far away cosmos are they to be found, they are round about you. Reach out for them! Reach out for all those who are round about you on your path to the light. All of them radiate brightly on the inside, like not only one star or one sun but also like a thousand suns and more, just like you yourselves. Only the human shadows, come by over a number of incarnations, have covered up this light, and it is your wonderful task to cause these suns to shine once again.

My beloved disciples, all human beings, your children, your partners, your parents, all your relatives, acquaintances, friends, yes even those with whom you are still at odds, are your stars. Cause them to shine; you possess the power to do it; for you are children of the MOST HIGH, children of GOD. You have taken on this earthly garment consciously, and the longing rising up in you, which is still powerful at times, is the soul’s longing for perfection.

How should this longing be reflected in man? Even if the human being has the sensations and belief he should express his talents in a specific genre or field, it should be done here and now, not somewhere or sometime in the distant future.

Here and now, even if you are symbolically wandering around in the desert, even if you have doubts and are praying, as I did, this very path will lead back out of the desert, and you will recognize that in spite of all your faults, errors, and weaknesses, you are the light from eternity, which shines at the very location and time in which it is placed.

You began to fathom the heavenly love as it was filling your hearts, when you thought back to your first love. Then too, the soul was still quite open for the radiation of the highest love-potential, being one with a being that would complete you, for whom you had yearned for hundreds or thousands of years.

Whatsoever GOD has joined will last eternally, and this sense of eternity is reflected into your first earthly love. That is the reason for your sadness when your first love broke in two, broke like a glass that falls to the floor and splinters, serving at the same time as a symbol for you that on this earth and in this material being, nothing lasts eternally, everything is transitory.

This impermanence became so starkly conscious to you that it pained you deeply. In the later years you had overcome the pain, but the longing for the ‘you’ will remain in you until you are reunited. One flame before the throne of GOD, envisioned by HIM since all eternity and in all eternity, that is your DUAL SOUL.

When you continue on the path of self-recognition and become more and more loving, when you comprehend that love truly may not pursue a purpose except to give of itself, without any attitude of expectation, when you develop your love for all brothers and sisters, no matter what their weaknesses may be and regardless of how they may act toward you, then your dual is very near to you. When you cannot help but letting your loving heart stream out toward creation, from the smallest of creatures to the greatest and beyond in all the universes, encompassing all of creation, then, My beloved flock, your dual is very near, no matter whether it is in the earthly garment like you, or in the spiritual spheres.

If your dual is in the spiritual spheres, and you have proven yourselves in your steadfastness by several tests on the way to the light, then your dual soul will be appointed to you as your GUARDIAN ANGEL. At first he or she will not reveal him or herself to you, but the love will flood you with such intensity that you will immediately know, deep in your inner being: “the soul with whom I belong in all eternity is near me.”

If this soul is in the earthly garment, a similar thing will happen, for souls are unshackled. While the human being is sleeping, these two [souls] will find each other in love, for even the incarnated dual soul will burn with this same longing as you. The one who has made progress in love will seek out his soul, who belongs to him, in order to help her. And when he has found her, he knows: “I have found her,” in a dream or through human encounter. However, it is much more difficult when both human beings meet, for there is a huge difference whether the divine child, the Son of the FATHER, recognizes his divine ‘you’, the Sister in the light, or whether both stand before each other in the earthly sphere while in the burdened state, due to many incarnations.

My beloved sheep, no matter how great your longing for your dual may be at times, I repeat, only by the love for your neighbor will you be able to come nearer to this soul.

If you have a very difficult partner at your side, it is the greatest task in the here and now to learn to love this partner, to honor him and to accept his weaknesses and faults with kindness and understanding, in the consciousness that you yourself are not free of faults and weaknesses. It is simple to live with a partner with whom there are no difficulties, with whom the former causes have already been expiated.

Your life becomes much more difficult when the effects [of the former causes] are still in the process of flowing out, and the partnership runs a disharmonious course. The one walking the spiritual path has then the task to raise this difficult partnership into the light.

Know and consider the following: The heavenly laws are valid even for the marriages of this world. Just as you are forever linked with your dual soul, from all eternity in all eternity, having been present in the FATHER’S thoughts always, in the same fashion this law is valid for the earthly partnership, for as long as you remain in the earthly garment.

I know and I can see by your thoughts that when you look back, what I am explaining to you is not easy to live by. However, My beloved, know that the love of the FATHER always has compassion for your human behavior, and you, too, should learn to find it in your heart to be full of understanding for your fellow-brothers and sisters!

When you have put broken partnerships behind you, examine yourselves if you have forgiven all with all of your heart, or if you still bear grudges. If there is still something negative in you, try to dissolve this negativity with My power and with My help, for the past, My beloved, should be unloosed, so that you may freely walk toward the light! The partner who is walking the spiritual path should be in every situation the example; for that, My beloved, is lived love.

You cannot always do justice to this claim, so here too I say again: My, and thereby the FATHER’S, compassion is with you, as long as you keep trying to unloose in the light that which is bound.

I have taught you that once upon a time, you yourselves have caused everything that happens to you. It is now your task to quit creating more causes, and to unloose or dissolve the former causes by humbly bearing the effects and by giving love whenever someone attacks and hurts you.

Walk with Me, and I will deliver you from the profound experiences during previous incarnations. They appear in your consciousness as a fleeting dream. You can ask for forgiveness and forgive, and your soul will be free. Is this path you have taken not wonderful?

Even if, allegorically speaking, you are on a journey through the desert, something is indeed happening. The small miracles, My beloved, are strewn round about you. They are countless many, only you do not see them because you are on the lookout for the great miracles, for the great illumination to hit you like a flash of lightening that would lift you out of the earthly life - but where to? Recognize the humor in My words, [should this sudden illumination lift you] out and away from your here and now, away from your tasks, which you have given yourselves, [where would you have it take you]? No matter where you go, you cannot run away from the task you had set up for yourself. If you do not solve it now, you will do so later, but do so you will. Why not right now? – This way, you can continue your journey joyfully.

The valley is not as deep as you think. Do you not see My hand, which extends to every single one of you and wants to pull you up into this thought of light: “I am where I am, a child of the MOST HIGH, ready, Oh FATHER, to fulfill everything!”

Think about these My words and if you are willing, take on as your task the next three years! Go through the coming week fervently connected with Me and I will help you in your particular situation! My love is always with you. My power fills you. My blessing irradiates you, and the light of the heavens accompanies you.


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