Jesus Christ Teaches: The Path to Unity Through Love

Love for creation
Creation as a mirror for self-recognition

Love for creation
Creation as mirror for selfrecognition

1. Exercise

I, JESUS CHRIST, promised: “Wherever two, three, or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” Thus my love radiates into your hearts. Streaming grace floods you, and heavenly angels of light surround you.

You have come together in order to walk the path of Love. However, before you give your consent and before I give you My blessing, you should know that you are absolutely free in your decision to take the path I offer you. You are always free to come and go, as free as God, your and My FATHER, has created you.

Love walks this earth. I, JESUS CHRIST, am the love of the FATHER, one with HIM. Of HIM, I came to you from the characteristic of love. I came to this earth and taught My disciples, and all who would listen to My words, the Path of Love.

I lived this path in order to be example for all My human children; and you too should go this path as I did, symbolically. In My deepest sorrow, in My pain of death, I forgave My enemies: “FATHER, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” I blessed them. At the very moment of my physical death My love irradiated every human soul, no matter whether it was incarnated or in the soul-garment. And I supported it in order for the soul to find its way home

, and so that the fall could come to an end.

There is no worse fall than that to this earth. Now, My spirit of love walks Earth again, and irradiates many instruments in the I AM, instruments who are receiving My words of light all over the earth and who humbly pass it on.

However, it is My will that you also may become free of instruments, for My wellspring is within every human being. It is only somewhat buried by your conceptions, opinions, and pre-conceptions, by that or the other thing that separates you from the divine Primordial Love.

I lead you to unity once again, into the love-vibration of creation, just as God, the eternal CREATOR-SPIRIT, had conceived it for HIS fallen children. I shall lead you to unity with the mineral and plant kingdom, and with every animal. Finally, I shall lead you to the love for every human being.

Man truly judges quickly. I remind you of the adulteress who was supposed to be stoned. All of them already held the stones in their hands, and I said: “May he who is without sin cast the first stone!” I looked at them, looked within their hearts and they bowed their heads, placed the stones back on the earth, and left. May this be an example for you as this earth is the lowliest fallen point of creation. At the same time, it is a wonderful schooling planet, where the path of light, home to the FATHER-MOTHER SPIRIT, can be absolved in only one incarnation, if my children are of good will.

I teach you the emanating love, which knows no limits, which separates itself from no one, not even mentally. I teach you love, which always forgives, even if you are treated unjustly. I teach you the kind of love that lets you extend your hand to your neighbor; but only if he reaches for it, for every child has its free will. I [will] train your sensations so that you may also hear the silent pleas [of help] and so that you will fulfill them with constant eagerness.

I teach you how to raise your vibration so that you can unify with your brothers and sisters from all planets. I teach you to explore the width and depth of the cosmic creation within you and to raise yourselves to the level of the eternally holy love, which is the FATHER’S creator-power. I teach you to let go of the outer world, to come away from your so very human being and back to your true life – the life of the spirit – to lift your consciousness from the human being and to place it into your soul-being.

As of now, your consciousness is still anchored in the human garment, and you identify with this body. Because of this you suffer pain, sorrow and apathy. They are the mountains and valleys of your state of being. However, when you raise your consciousness into your true soul-consciousness – by virtue of My power and by My teaching – the pain will grow silent. And love [will] stream between your brothers and sisters, without exception. Then, the spiritual ears [will be] opened. You will hear My loving voice calling and helping you, which never says: “My child, do this or do that;” but which always leaves you free will. It leaves you free will also to decide freely for Me, for the light-filled ascent; but sometimes also for paths that seem to lead into the depths, because there are for you one or more open accounts to clear up from previous incarnations. I will carry him who extends his hand to Me, freely and from his inner being, upward to God, homeward to eternity.

The path we take together, if you so choose, can be likened to a hike up a mountain. In the beginning you still tread soft meadows, with moss at your feet. Here and there you see a ray of sunshine, encouraging you: “Come, stay on the path!” Then again darkness falls as you walk through shadowy trees, until you once again step out on the fields and meadows. Light, brightly radiating light greets you. However, there are also stones upon the path, which trip you up, stones representing self-recognition: “Here and there I am lacking something. Here and there I must work on myself. FATHER, I am glad to do it. You are showing me what my obstacles are. With every stone I overcome, I am picking a spiritual petal for you, oh FATHER, so that when I come home to you I will not come with empty hands. Gladly, I will also help my companions with their ascent and will take along all those standing at the sides of the road.”

Now comes the more difficult ascent. The cliffs are getting more rugged and steeper. Many a test lies on the way. Fog may set in; your faith is being tested. I, as your guide, have you on My climbing rope. However, do you really have faith and trust in Me, that you will follow Me with sure steps, even though all about you is nothing but fog, a wall of clouds, which swallows all light? Is your call then with Me? Is your longing with Me, or do you stop on the way because you are afraid?

I will carry him who draws close to Me through the wall of fog, and once again a ray of love from the FATHER’S eternal sun will greet His child.

The ascent becomes even steeper. You are placing the climbing rope around your fellow-brother or sister, as you do not want to rise to the summit alone but together, as it is customary with mountain climbers. First, one goes ahead, secures the nail into the rock, pulls up his comrades who go ahead of him a few steps in order to secure another nail. None want to be first! You should all feel equal.

GOD, the FATHER, has given His gifts to all HIS children equally.

Do not claim them for things of humanness nature, for whatever is your human being today is a result of cause and effect.

GOD is just and distributes His gifts justly to all His children. He gives His love to every child equally, and not one more than another. And so you too should not raise yourselves over another, nor feel lower than they. Instead you should grow into the consciousness of: “I am a child of the Eternal FATHER, and about me are my brothers and sisters.”

This is symbolically your path! Furthermore I teach you to link yourselves with your brothers and sisters around the entire globe at the third hour [6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, etc], so that all about the earth there is a constant prayer-vibration. I teach you to awaken with Me in the morning, in order to receive the fullness of grace, which every day brings to you anew. I teach you to live in the present, not in the future, nor in the past.

You should merely observe your past, so that those things that went wrong can be cleared up, and so that whatever is waiting within you from previous incarnations may be cleared. Do not remain in that time, but always reconcile all things to the present.

Every day is God’s gift to you. – Accept the gift! – I teach you to remain connected with Me, not to return to your human being. This means, not to act and think so humanly time and again. I teach you to be above these things and to thus perceive a small portion of your eternally holy FATHER’S wisdom.

Through My teaching you recognize the great connection of all things, knowing that no matter what may still happen, love is at work. The FATHER is bringing home His children. His love radiates. And whatsoever does not radiate His love and is not a part of His divine laws of Order, it is milleniums, perhaps millions of years of old hatred, will be ejected from the souls. What you are experiencing now, world-over, are its effects.

However, fearlessly you shall face the events of the present head on. And you will rise above time and into eternity! See in all things the brilliance and action of the eternally holy love, by which the souls purify themselves, while the human beings recognize in their suffering that matter is coming to an end.

However, the Father is preparing a spiritual Earth for His children. Just as I gave the analogy, 2,000 years ago, when I said: “I will make all things new. There will be a new heaven and a new earth, upon which there will be peace and love. The lion will peacefully lie beside the lamb. The angels will dwell among you with Me, and peace and love will be in the cosmos.” I am preparing you for this time.

Dear brothers and sisters, today I will give you the following task, if you are willing, therefore, totally by your free will: Examine yourselves, whether or not you are ready to walk with Me;

whether you are ready to begin the day with Me, to live in and of My SPIRIT; during the day to rest in Me and to end the day in Me. This is how you can practice your absolute devotion to Me!

You need examine only your yes to Me, your consent,

not whether or not you can do it; because this path can only be absolved step bystep. A true mountain climber puts one foot before the other and does not rush up the mountain, only to have to stop, breathlessly, sit down and not be able to continue. Therefore, I only ask about your YES in your inner being.

If you wish, try to awaken with Me every morning. Give your first thought to Me!

By this, I repeat, a fullness of grace streams toward you. If you are with the world as soon as you awaken, you will cut off this stream of spiritual gifts, and your steps throughout the day will be weary. Try it out!

I, JESUS CHRIST, bless you in the unity with GOD, the FATHER. My hand rests upon your head. Receive My power of love!No matter where your paths may lead, I am always at your side.




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