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Inspired impulse

Your personal inspired impulse

Weißes Buch, 66. Exercise

My friends, when I left My Disciples they were still fearful, I have briefly touched upon that once before. You too are still a bit insecure, but you are all instruments of light. You have come as messengers of light, and as messengers of light you are continuing on your way. Even while on the earthly level, you will still encounter a messenger of light, from time to time, who will accompany you for a portion of the way, until you have developed your inner spheres and are messengers of light for others who are at the

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Inspired impulse „Do not put aside the Schooling Book, for when you receive the impulse to open it, do so. Just crack it wherever it falls. It will be the exact place to help you when you are in doubt as to how you should turn.“(70. Schulung)
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