Your personal inspired impulse

Weißes Buch, 63. Exercise

Continue to watch your dreams, for they say a lot about the consciousness and condition of your soul-life. Turn to Me for their interpretation. Ask Me, if you do not understand something, and I will give you the right impulses. Here too I am ready to give you further information from the SPIRIT, far beyond the archaic dream pictures; for even in the dream events, there are three levels to consider: the material, the psychic [soul], and the spiritual

Neuer ImpulsImpuls versenden
Inspired impulse„Do not put aside the Schooling Book, for when you receive the impulse to open it, do so. Just crack it wherever it falls. It will be the exact place to help you when you are in doubt as to how you should turn.“(70. Schulung)
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Inspired impulse